N4, N5

Mock Test for JLPT N4/N5

Hi all,

We will be administering a mock test for all who are interested.

The test will be administered online on 8th February (Mon). You can do it anytime, but please time yourself. The results will be given on 10th February.

If you are interested, please drop us an email via the Contact Us Form.


Beginner Japanese

Free Beginner Japanese Lessons

Dear all,

I will be organizing free Beginner Japanese lessons worth $600 for a group of 5 students starting Dec 19. The day should be on Sat 3-5pm or Sun 930-1130pm

To be eligible, you need to fill in the following template and submit to me at admin @ learnJapanese.sg (remove all spaces)

All applications will be reviewed on a case to case basis and all applicants would be notified via email of the result. Students who are from non well-to-do families will be considered first.

Contact number:
Why you wish to learn Japanese:
How you would use the knowledge picked up to benefit others?
Previous school (if any):
Able to afford textbook (around $65)?: Yes/No