Private Lessons

How are private lessons conducted?

Step 1: Fill up for the below form.

Step 2: Meet up in our classroom/Zoom to have a 30 minute discussion. We will suggest some appropriate books and discuss the lesson structure and lesson plan.

Step 3: Make payment.

Step 4: Lesson starts.

$80-$100 per hour (our designated location)
$100-$120 per hour (student’s designated location)

Lesson timings are subject to teacher’s availability.

Below are testimonials from previous private students:

I joined TLS in 2021 as a student taking one-to-one lessons with Can-sensei. I have had prior experience with Japanese but I was finding it difficult to progress past the barrier that many language learners encounter when they reach the intermediate stage. However, with Can-sensei I feel that I have been making real progress with the language.

With 14 years of experience, Can-sensei is an excellent teacher who is very knowledgeable about both the Japanese language and culture. Moreover, he understands the JLPT assessment and its marking style well, and I am confident that under his guidance I will be able to perform well in these exams. I also appreciate that he does not shy away from correcting the errors I make, which has given me an awareness of how I can improve.

A good aspect of the classes is Can-sensei’s flexibility and that he doesn’t rely too heavily on the textbooks. He frequently highlights important grammar points that are important in the higher JLPT levels and provides his own notes that expand on the material contained in the books. He is also able to refer me to useful resources to support my language learning outside of the classroom.

Even though my classes have been online, the quality of lessons I am receiving is on par with in-person teaching. Can-sensei has been able to accommodate my specific requirements as someone looking for a more intensive pace of lessons than is typically offered by language schools. He has also made arrangements to allow me to participate in weekly conversation sessions to practice my Japanese in a more relaxed setting with other students. Thus, I believe the one-to-one lessons have good value for money and come with ample opportunities to interact with other language learners.

As an individual, Can-sensei is warm and personable, and I very much enjoy our classes together. He has been accommodating of any requests I have, and has always taken the time to answer my questions. It is a relief to have found such a dedicated and kind teacher who I can entrust my learning to.

I would definitely recommend Can-sensei and TLS to anyone interested in learning Japanese.
By: Nicole Doyle
Private student

I’m currently studying in Waseda University as an undergraduate. I’ve been taking Can’s classes for about a year and have to say that, by far, Can’s the only teacher I’ve known who would do his best to help his students without a second thought, no questions asked.  When the need arises, the previous phrase ‘do his best’ does not give justice to Can at all, as I would have to say Can would go beyond what is normally expected to help his student should an emergency occur just to help out as a teacher and as a friend as well.

Can’s teaching style is pretty flexible and allows me to learn various things not normally taught in normal Japanese classes and to be able to mix and match to fit my needs.

Thanks to Can, I’m now able to progress smoothly during my stay in Japan and in a Japanese University.

By: Terence Kong
Ex student from Private class
I want to start of by saying that my sis and I have been very selfish. We’ve been tardy with this testimonial as we are afraid Sensei will be too popular and he will have no time for us. Upfront, we want to say that Sensei is our 2nd weekly commitment to our Japanese language journey. We are still taking weekly regular courses at a local Japanese school. One will argue that the learning of the language should be with a native speaker/teacher. We beg to differ as learning with our Sensei privately (just the two of us) has its myriad of advantages. Amidst Sensei’s busy schedule over the months that we have been with him since XXX (? which month), FLEXIBILITY & COMMITMENT to HIS STUDENTS are two characteristics of Sensei that have consistently resounded pre-, during and -post lessons.

My sister and I have very complicated work schedules and arrangements. Being senior in our busy career life – to an extent -commitment and interest on our part has many a times been wavering. Sensei changes that. Since lesson 1 with Sensei, along the way, intensive prep classes for JLPT N5 and now, our new strategy for N4, Sensei has been thoroughly accommodating and keeps to his promise to carry us through. And, we know he is and trust him to be that “non-native” Japanese teacher with that understanding of what a student needs. He has “been there, done that… and more…” – I think that describes the feeling which we have post-reflective of the lessons we have with Sensei. Weird times with flexible switch to Skype lessons, extended times, almost always beyond the 2 hours without “extras” or “complaints” from/for silly individuals like both of us who may not be punctual or are so slow during the lessons. That marks Sensei as the teacher we respect and has made us grow to love Japanese even more.

The journey hasn’t been easy for us. I started at a school that did not have flexibility for a working person like me and there was no way I could make up for lost time. Switching from that school after a break of many months for a flexible school schedule with resourcing capabilities to accommodate missed lessons and private lessons too was the next step in my journey; then with my sis. But, there is always too much structure and less “fun” in these school classes. Sensei makes the classes fun, practical, using real “live examples” at our lesson venues. He has always been encouraging for weak students like us. You may call both of us KIASU – private lessons and school lessons. But we are used to this – both are complimentary for us (till time comes later when we will have to give up the school). We are happy with our schedule and our “strategy” and Sensei supports that, he respects that. Note that I said – “…till time comes later when we will have to give up the school…” Yes, it will not be Sensei. One really needs to have that 1st lesson with him and get used to his naunces of being able to ALWAYS spot-on some questions for JLPT exams, practical language tips from his many years of teaching experience. And, just being there for us during our study times, our
difficulties in expression and grammar, our complex kanji and “broken Japanese”. Sensei is always patient, kind and that loving friend…

To put it simply, don’t think we would continue our Japanese journey with our current enthusiasm without him being a wonderful part of our learning journey.

Thank you, Sensei.

– “Beginner-Intermediate” students, private

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