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Updated 22nd Aug 2021

語彙:     1章 1課     1章2課     2章1課v2     2章2課v2       3章       4章      5章     6章     7章1課

Sample Test Paper 1
Sample Test Paper 2 (exclude Listening)
Sample Test Paper 3 (exclude Listening)
Sample Test Paper 4 (exclude Listening)


1章1課 1章2課      1章3課      2章1課 2章2課 2章3課 3章1課     4章1課     4章2課    5章1課 5章2課        6章1課       6章2課
7章1課   7章2課


Skype レッスン1            Skypeレッスン2 v1.3             Skypeレッスン3          Skypeレッスン4 v1.2      Skypeレッスン5 v1.2
Skypeレッスン6                    Skypeレッスン7              Skypeレッスン8v1.2
Skypeレッスン9                     Skypeレッスン10                Skypeレッスン11

どんなとき500 (Chapter 11-15)                        文法リストv2 

Sample Test Paper 1
Sample Test Paper 2
Sample Test Paper 3

Understanding Keigo
Part 1: Types of Keigo
Part 2: 尊敬語 (そんけいご/Honorific language)
Part 3: 謙譲語 (けんじょうご/Humble language)
Part 4: 丁寧語 (ていねいご/Polite language)
Part 5: 丁重語 (ていちょうご/Courteous language)
Part 6: 美化語 (びかご/Beautifying language)
Part 7: 上下関係 (じょうげかんけい/hierarchical relationship)

動詞リスト (N3の動詞だけ)

とびら 文法ノート
1課            2課          3課   


Important Grammar (10th Feb 2021)

Minna no Nihongo L39-L44 Revision Notes

Verbs (Chapter 26-38 Minna no Nihongo) v1.2 (updated 22nd Aug 2021)
Verbs (Chapter 39-50 Minna no Nihongo)

Revision Notes (updated 12th Aug 2020)
Important Grammar
Verbs (Chapter 1-13 Minna no Nihongo)
Verbs (Chapter 14-20 Minna no Nihongo)
Verbs (Chapter 21-25 Minna no Nihongo)

Question Words (Chapter 1-13 Minna no Nihongo)

Star Questions
Star Questions 2

Lesson Summaries done by my students
(they do this for the class to review each lesson)

Minna no Nihongo Chapter 12

Minna no Nihongo Chapter 13/14

Minna no Nihongo Chapter 20

Minna no Nihongo Chapter 22

Minna no Nihongo Chapter 24 (て+くれます/ て+あげます/ て+もらいます)

Minna no Nihongo Chapter 27 (Potential Form)

Minna no Nihongo Chapter 31 (Volitional Form)

Minna no Nihongo Chapter 39 (て-form Part 4)

Minna no Nihongo Chapter 48 (Causative Form)

Minna no Nihongo Chapter 48 Part 2(Causative Passive Form)

Call handling – Person not around, I will call back later_v1.2 

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