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Beginner Japanese class (Tues evening/conducted online)

Hi all,

We have a number of enquiries for online lessons to be held.
As such, we will be opening our first batch of online lessons on Tues evening.

Starting Date: 23rd March 2021 (Tues)
Time: 7:30pm-9:30pm
Fees: $200 for the 1st term of 10 lessons, subsequent terms $330 for 10 lessons
Slots: 6
Teacher: Teo-sensei/Jasper-sensei

For enquiries, please email us via the contact us form located here.



Beginner Japanese: Foundation Studies starting

Hi all,

Our July Beginner Japanese class is confirmed. If you have not registered, please contact us via here to arrange to find out more.

Starting Date: 5th July 2020
Time: 12:00pm to 2:00pm (timing changed to accommodate for next class)
Slots: 6 (3 slots left)
Fees: $200 for 10 lessons/ subsequent term: $320 for 10 lessons
Textbook: $70 (to be used for 5 terms)



New Beginner Japanese class

Hi all,

We have changed our Beginner Japanese class originally scheduled for morning to afternoon.

Date: July 2020 (to be confirmed near the date)
Time: 12:15pm-2:15pm
Fees: $320 for 10 lessons/1 term (Early bird discount: $200 for 10 lessons)
Textbook: $70 (Term 2 onwards)
Slots: 6

Do drop us an email via the contact form if you are interested to learn.


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Differences between 「なければならない」と「なければいけない」: Repost


おはようございます。This is a repost.


例:  国民はみんま税金を払わなければなりません。



E.g この(_______)に入れるのは、助詞でなくてはいけません。


この映画はすごく面白いので、みんな見なければなりません。 ->不自然

この映画はすごく面白いので、みんな見たほうがいいです。 ->OK
Hi all.

This is a repost.

I’ll like to explain the difference between 「なければならい」と「なければいけない」.

「なければならない」express that the speaker has an obligation to do ~

E.g  国民はみんま税金を払わなければなりません。 (Citizens have to pay tax)

On the other hand, 「なければいけない」 is used when the speaker expresses to the listener that the listener has an obligation to do ~

E.g この(_______)に入れるのは、助詞でなくてはいけません。 (You must put in a particle in the brackets)

Take note that these 2 grammar points cannot be used to give advice and when expressing one’s own aspirations.


この映画はすごく面白いので、みんな見なければなりません。 ->>Unnatural

この映画はすごく面白いので、みんな見たほうがいいです。 ->OK

Source: Tobira, Gateway to Advanced Japanese