Learn Japanese in Singapore
Dedicated & Supportive Teachers | After-class support | Easy to understand materials

We don’t just teach Japanese, we impart you knowledge about Japanese food, culture, morals and psychology of Japanese people.

Upcoming classes: Beginner (Foundation Studies): 16th July (Sun 2:45-4:45pm) -Early bird promo: $170 for 8 lessons / 1 slot left

our story

Tsubasa Language Services started with a man’s dream to help people out there learn and master the Japanese language affordably. This is the only place in Singapore that teaches the Japanese language along with culture, food, Japan trip planning, the Japanese.

Students who graduate from the programme move on in life to spread the love for Japan and help others out there. Although all trainers are locals, they have completed the training course for Japanese language teachers (日本語教師養成コース) and accent correction training.

Tsubasa Language Services also collaborates with the Japanese Association of Singapore in their yearly summer festival and Japanese employment agencies to help students find jobs. Also, the carrot: a free ticket to Japan for the best student every year.

For the extraordinary person that wants to find his/her meaning in life through the learning of the Japanese language, visit Tsubasa Language Services.