Test questions to try

みなさん、 おはようございます。 I have started a series of every day questions to test your knowledge on Japanese. Feel free to try. Answers will be revealed on Wednesday. (Foundation Studies class) 1) Lesson is from 7 to 10. 2) The time now is 7:50. _____________ (Beginner) 1) What kind of food do you like? 2) The…

Beginner Questions (2nd set)

みなさん、 おはようございます。 Here are the 2nd set of questions. 1. Please turn off the lights (L14) 2. Shall i call the taxi (L14) 3. Kimura-san is eating lunch now (L14) 4. It is not raining now (L14) 5. Is it ok to park my car over there? (L15) 6. Do you know Sato-san? No, i…

Test your Japanese: For Beginners (6 months and above)

Hi all, This is a good practice of whether you know your basics. Chapters are tagged to Minna no Nihongo marked in brackets. Feel free to email me to get your answers checked. I will pm u the answers for those who have answered.   I work from 9 to 6pm every week (L4) My…


みなさん、 こんにちは。Do you know that Merry Christmas in Japanese can be shortened to メリクリ(Me-ri-ku-ri)? I attended the midnight mass at Cathedral of the Good Shepherd and it was beautiful. Enjoy your blessed Christmas day! Can

Free 30 mins Trial Lesson

Hi all, For those who are not sure if my lessons are good or are suitable for you, come attend a free 30 mins trial lesson on 7th Jan. Whatsapp me at 8877-8228 or email me using the contact form for details. This is a good way to start the new year. Cheers, Can

New Sensei on board: Brian先生

みなさん、 One of my students, Brian-san will be coming on board to teach Japanese. He will be taking the upcoming Sun class in April together with me. Please lend him your support. Cheers, Can

My new classroom

The new classroom is almost done. Without my students and friends monetary and emotional support, this place wouldnt be the place my students call their 2nd home where they can come anytime to relax. More pictures coming up soon. =)

Beginner Japanese: Foundation Studies (Mon class)

Hi guys, I am starting a new Beginner Japanese class on Mon night. Please see below for details. Starting Date: 7th Jan 2019 (Mon) Time: 830pm-10pm Slots: 4-6 students Fees: $225 If you are interested, do drop me a message via the Contact Me link here. Cheers, Can

JLPT Afterthoughts

みなさん、 こんばんは。 Its my usual post after working from 7am to now, taking exams with the students and stuff. This year, i took N4 with my students and was quite glad to say that a lot of N5 questions came out. My students did N5. For those thinking of attempting higher level tests like N1…