N2 Grammar List

みなさん、 おはようございます。 I have just published a new version of the N2 grammar list. Feel free to visit my Free Materials and Notes area to download it. Cheers. Can

Collaboration with Matsudo International School

Dear all, I have started a collaboration with Matsuda International School, Japan to refer students who wish to study in Japan. I don’t earn a commission from them, the savings is all passed to the students. For student visa course (long term study), they currently already have a scholarship called AJP, which gives a total…

New Beginner Japanese: Foundation Studies (Tues night)

Dear all, I will be starting a new class on Tues night. Estimated starting date: 6th November 18 (Tues) or earlier once we have 6 students Time: 730-930pm Fees: $80/5 lessons or $300/10 lessons Slots: 6 (4 slots left) Location: Waterloo Centre (See classroom and testimonials) Currently i am running an early bird promotion now, if…

Cheat Sheet on ない-form/Passive-form/Causative-form

みなさん、 こんばんは。I have some extra time today. So i did a cheat sheet on ない-form/passive form and causative form today. Feel free to use it. Cheers, Can Legend: 他: transitive verb 自: intransitive verb

Japanese Particles Cheat Sheet

みなさん、 こんばんは。Did a Japanese particles cheat sheet. Feel free to refer. The L refers to the chapter in Minna no Nihongo. Cheers, Can

Reference for Minna no Nihongo 1

みなさん、 おはようございます。 Below is a chart i have done. Feel free to use it or share with your friends. Cheers, Can

Japanese Conjugation Resource

みなさん、こんばんは。 I wrote a program that can generate the list of sentences based on the verb entered. If you are interested to purchase this program (all proceeds will go to charity), please contact me at admin @ learnJapanese.sg (no space) Thank you. Cheers, Can  

Difference between 友達に会います and 友達と会います

みなさん、おはようございます。 Today i would like to talk about the difference between 「友達(ともだち)に会います」 and 「友達(ともだち)と会います」。 You might be familiar with 「友達に会います」 that is seen in Minna no Nihongo Chapter 6. 「友達に会います」:You meet your friend and he/she does not move from his/her original location. 「友達と会います」:Both you and your friend move from your current location to meet each…

Why study Japanese?

Dear all, Today’s post is on why study Japanese? Before any student gets to come into my classes, i would do an interview with them? What are some of the reasons why people study Japanese? After my various interviews with students, i gathered some of the common reasons below: Want to understand what they say…