Chapter 11 Minna no Nihongo

Hi all, Today, i taught counters to my students. If you are interested to find out more about my classes, drop me a message via the Contact Me link. Cheers, Can

Latecoming→Regrets→Happiness (遅刻→後悔→幸せ)

1 year ago, i remember i scolded one of my N1 students very badly in front of my other students. I always have the mindset of a discipline master, as i believe that Japanese people are not late for work/school/etc or will inform if they are coming late. He had this bad habit of coming…

Birthday month promotion

Hi all, Its my birthday this month, so i am going to run a promotion. Try out 5 lessons for $80 for any class. <For new students only> /Can  

JLPT Afterthoughts

みなさん、おはようございます。 Can’t get to sleep, so decided to write my after thoughts about JLPT. As usual, i was early at the exam venue early in the morning at 8am and managed to secure a good spot to do my last minute revision for my students. I think the last minute revision helped a lot as…


At the venue supporting my students. Good luck to all taking exams.

New Pre-Advanced and Advanced class

Dear all, I am starting 2 new classes. Pre-Advanced Starting date: 2nd Sep 2019 (Mon) Time: 7pm-830pm Fees: $262 for 10 lessons Slots: 8 (3 slots left) Pre-requisite: Need to at least completed N4 studies Advanced Starting date: 8th Aug 2019 (Thurs) Time: 7pm-9pm Fees: $350 for 10 lessons (Promotion price: $300/10 lessons) Slots: 6…

New testimonial from student

Hi all, Received a new testimonial from a student. —————– I have been learning Japanese from Can-sensei for about 3 months, starting from little to no prior experience in the language. My lack of experience wasn’t a huge disadvantage however, because Can-sensei’s classes easily accommodated the needs of learners starting from a clean slate. Most…