Introduction to Japanese Accents (free session)

Hi all, I will be organising a free session on Introduction to Japanese accents. Date: 23rd Oct 2022 (Sun)Time: 2:30pm-4:30pmLocation: near Lavender MRT This is open to all, even if you are not studying with us. To sign up, please email to admin @ learnJapanese. sg (remove the spaces) using the following template: Subject: IntroductionContinue reading “Introduction to Japanese Accents (free session)”

New Intermediate class -Wed night (online)

Hi all, To help those who do not have time to visit the classroom, we have created a new online Intermediate class. Starting Date: 28th Sept 2022 (Wed)Time: 7:30-9:30pmSlots: 6Fees: $360 for 10 lessonsTextbook: $70 (to be used for the whole course)Teacher: Can-sensei To register, please drop us an email via the contact form here.Continue reading “New Intermediate class -Wed night (online)”

Registering for JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) in Singapore

Hi all, Note: Apart from N1, slots are taken up very fast (usually within 2 minutes) To register for JLPT, login to your Paypal account beforehand via http://www.paypal.comNote the dates of registration: Step 1: Go to this link: Step 2: Fill up the appropriate information. Step 3: Make payment via Paypal. Step 4: FillContinue reading “Registering for JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) in Singapore”

Part 1: Attitude towards learning Japanese

(3rd May 2022: Amended with inputs from friends) Hi all, I am writing a series of posts on how to succeed in Japanese language learning. Part 1 is on our attitude towards learning Japanese. As some of you may know, this is my 15th year teaching Japanese. I have seen many students, those who areContinue reading “Part 1: Attitude towards learning Japanese”

New Beginner Japanese classes (Wed/Sun)

Hi all, We are recruiting students for our weekday and weekend Japanese classes. It’s a good way to prepare yourself when Japan opens up. Please contact us via this link if you are interested to join. Wed classStarting date: 8th June 2022 (Wed)Time: 7:30-9:30pmFees: $200 for 8 sessions (subsequent lessons: $340 for 10 lessons)Slots: 6Teacher:Continue reading “New Beginner Japanese classes (Wed/Sun)”

Beginner Japanese: Foundation Studies (Last slot left)

Hi all, Our upcoming Beginner class in April has only 1 slot left. It’s a good way to prepare yourself when Japan opens up. Please contact us via this link if you are interested to join. Starting date: 3rd April (Sun)Time: 10am to 12pmFees: $200 for 8 sessions (subsequent lessons: $340 for 10 lessons)Slots: 6 (1 left)Continue reading “Beginner Japanese: Foundation Studies (Last slot left)”

JLPT N2 Prep class with 100% passing rate from N4 (July 2022)

Hi all, We are starting a new class for JLPT N2 prep, after N4. Details are as follows: Date: 10th July 2022 (Sun)Time: 2:20pm-4:20pmSlots: 6Fees: $370 for 10 lessonsTextbook: $20Method of instruction: Online/In-person (our lessons run in a dual mode) If you are interested, please drop us a message here. /Can

Beginner Japanese (Foundation Studies)

Hi all, We are waiting for more students to join us for our Beginner Japanese (Foundation Studies) course. It’s a very good introduction to help you to understand the basics of Japanese language and we pride ourselves for this course, as no other Japanese schools are offering this course. Following are the course details. StartingContinue reading “Beginner Japanese (Foundation Studies)”