New testimonial from student

Hi all,

Received a new testimonial from a student.
I joined TLS in 2021 as a student taking one-to-one lessons with Can-sensei. I have had prior experience with Japanese but I was finding it difficult to progress past the barrier that many language learners encounter when they reach the intermediate stage. However, with Can-sensei I feel that I have been making real progress with the language.

With 14 years of experience, Can-sensei is an excellent teacher who is very knowledgeable about both the Japanese language and culture. Moreover, he understands the JLPT assessment and its marking style well, and I am confident that under his guidance I will be able to perform well in these exams. I also appreciate that he does not shy away from correcting the errors I make, which has given me an awareness of how I can improve.

A good aspect of the classes is Can-sensei’s flexibility and that he doesn’t rely too heavily on the textbooks. He frequently highlights important grammar points that are important in the higher JLPT levels and provides his own notes that expand on the material contained in the books. He is also able to refer me to useful resources to support my language learning outside of the classroom.

Even though my classes have been online, the quality of lessons I am receiving is on par with in-person teaching. Can-sensei has been able to accommodate my specific requirements as someone looking for a more intensive pace of lessons than is typically offered by language schools. He has also made arrangements to allow me to participate in weekly conversation sessions to practice my Japanese in a more relaxed setting with other students. Thus, I believe the one-to-one lessons have good value for money and come with ample opportunities to interact with other language learners.

As an individual, Can-sensei is warm and personable, and I very much enjoy our classes together. He has been accommodating of any requests I have, and has always taken the time to answer my questions. It is a relief to have found such a dedicated and kind teacher who I can entrust my learning to.

I would definitely recommend Can-sensei and TLS to anyone interested in learning Japanese.

Nicole Doyle
Private student
Finished Minna no Nihongo 1 in 13 lessons


Testimonial from student

Hi all,

We have received a new testimonial from our student.

Joined TLS under the tutelage of Can Sensei in 2020, after having neglected the Japanese Language since my days in the University. One of the greatest USPs of TLS would be that the teachers are local, true-blue Singaporeans. This may come as a shock, as the general idea may be that native Japanese would be the best people to teach the language. But I look at it this way, a local would be able to translate, convey and deliver the language knowledge to you in a very local context, making it easier to understand and learn. That’s not to say that the unique Japanese language nuances and culture are neglected. The teachers here seem to be very well-versed in the culture and are able to teach this aspect through mini-projects, Japanese Drama watching, and even organised Japan Tours (prior to the pandemic).

I have not had experience in other language centres prior to TLS, except for in University. The big difference in delivery, would be the opportunity for conversation, which is emphasised. One of the fallacies in language learning, is the lack of opportunity to speak it. This opportunity is in abundance at TLS, and it helps you to be more confident in the language and to learn from each of your conversation partners new vocabulary and sentence patterns, of course with the guidance of the teachers.

The pandemic was a hit to many businesses, and I was impressed on how well TLS handled the transition from physical face-to-face lessons to a total online platform, with recordings, Telegram groups and “digitalised” homework submissions. The teachers are also available online for consultation outside of class hours, which is great for example when you spot cultural or language aspects you are unfamiliar with, while watching J Drama, you can ask, and you will be answered.

Joining the programme was simple and practical. Can Sensei would assess you by taking a short test, through which he will determine which level / programme you should begin with. While I was originally assessed to re-study from the basics, due to my long hiatus, Can Sensei was also open to my idea of letting me go for trial lessons for intermediate students instead. So, definitely not pushy, just to make you study longer with him. On the contrary, I think as a teacher, he possesses many great qualities, which include – passion to teach, humbleness, generosity, willingness to share and recognising that learning is not one-way, but a two-way affair.

Whilst there is room for improvement, in terms of online delivery of the courses, I think it would be safe to say, TLS is amongst the best in providing Japanese Language courses. Memorable experiences thus far:
1. Uni-style presentation of Modality in Japanese Language (TLS invites Japanese natives to evaluate and comment)
2. Preparation of Grammar Study Deck (to guide and encourage us on self-study)
3. Watching Drama in class (I mean, having entertainment whilst learning isn’t that bad right?)
4. Conversational Skits
5. JLPT mock exams
6. There were a few “makan” sessions, which I unfortunately missed but looked very fun!

Thank you to TLS, Can Sensei and Teo Sensei for reigniting my interest in learning the language.

By: Jeff Yeoh
Student (Pre-Advanced Japanese)

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New testimonial

Received a new testimonial.

A very welcoming place for beginners to learn Japanese language. I started with them since Foundation Studies and it helped to set the foundation needed before moving on to the main textbook. There are opportunities for individual and paired projects and these help to increase your understanding of the nuances and the culture itself. It is definitely not a place where drill and practice is being practised. We usually start off the lesson with 30 minutes of conversation where we are paired with our peers in the class to listen and converse. This makes learning the language more meaningful as we are learning to apply our knowledge in authentic contexts. I do not know much about how typical language schools will deliver their content, but at Tsubasa Language Services, we do not rush to finish the chapters in the main textbook. I love the parts when we have the opportunity to watch snippets of Japanese dramas during lessons to see how the phrases are used in context. I’m glad I chose here to start my journey of learning the language. I don’t think you can find this form of dedication demonstrated by Can-sensei in other Japanese language schools.

By: Christine Lee
Currently in Beginner class
(after 30 weeks of lessons)


New testimonial from student

Received a testimonial from my student who has moved to Japan to work as an ALT.
This year, I landed a job in Japan. I entrusted Tsubasa Language Services with my learning journey in April, and I moved here in December. I absolutely recommend them because it prepared me very well for living here, among other things, and I will continue to study with them.

This is what I’ve managed to accomplish:

  • Negotiated with several estate agents in Japanese (there are cheaper, better, and more options than on English sites, which are often the leftovers priced at a premium, or expensive housing)
  • Settled my water, gas, electricity and internet in Japanese
  • Handled my bank and city hall application procedures in Japanese (they may have an English speaker, but the queue can be for hours just to talk to that person)
  • Face daily life without problems
    • I can read the labels in the supermarket, operate machines etc
    • I can chat with my colleagues in Japanese
    • I can converse with shop staff and ask for recommendations
    • I can read food and travel recommendations written by locals
    • I can watch Japanese shows and the news
    • Minimal culture shock (was mentally prepared)

Before classes:

For context, I had an N4 prior to starting classes, but I was rounded down to a N4 prep class because my foundational grammar was shaky to begin with. I still slip up on some basic grammar concepts, but I’ve already made significant improvements this year thanks to Can-sensei.

These are how his classes stand out from the other language schools that I’ve enrolled in:

  • Perspective of someone who studied Japanese and understands the workings of both the language and culture as a non-native.
    • Oftentimes, native speakers do not understand why certain grammar rules are a certain way, or are unable to explain them, because they learned them naturally and intuitively.
    • Understands the process of learning Japanese from zero.
    • Understands Singaporeans’ unique issues when approaching the Japanese language.
    • Able to speak with a native accent, and corrects students when they say things in a weird way.
    • Uses his own experiences and knowledge to bring real-life dimensions and applications to the textbooks.
    • Explains why cultural things are a certain way.
  • Strong familiarity with the textbooks
    • Can-sensei can immediately tell you which book and chapter a grammar concept is from, and frequently annotates his notes with references from memory.
  • Good opportunities for conversation practice
    • My experience with language schools is that conversation is often skipped or practiced with fixed phrases (where you model one sentence and just change one or two words).
    • At Tsubasa Language Services, students practice having real conversations, and have our grammar corrected live. We often pick up new vocabulary while doing this, too.

I myself am a language teacher, and I sincerely respect Can-sensei’s knowledge, passion, and teaching techniques. He is sincere, compassionate, and capable. I strongly recommend his classes.

Thank you so much for being an integral part of my Japanese learning journey. Best wishes with your endeavours, and I know that with your guidance, this place of study will flourish.



New testimonial from student

Received a new testimonial from student
Can-sensei is a very special tutor. More like a friend. He is able to adapt to our individual needs to help us progress together in unison. His classes are structured, detailed and yet flexible and adapted to enable one’s quick understanding. He is very experienced and detailed in his teachings. The additional resources he points us to has been invaluable in my journey to understand not just the language but the culture as well.

I have taken classes in various schools like Pyaess and JCS in the 90s. I was also able to obtain a pass in the old system of the lowest JLPT4. However, I had no confidence to speak and can barely understand any spoken Japanese confidently. During a trip to Japan after only 4 lessons I found I was able to grasp the language a little more sensitively. I could see the progress in just that few lessons.

I could not have wished more from a teacher who is exceptionally gifted and passionate in imparting his love for the language and cultural.

By M.B
Private student




New testimonial from student

Hi all,

Received a new testimonial from a student.

When I first started learning Japanese, it was not at Can sensei’s class. I originally started taking lessons elsewhere in a dedicated language school. However, due to personal and financial reasons, I decided to make a switch to Can sensei’s class due to recommendations from my relatives. I must state that the decision to make the change was an excellent one. He is a very dedicated teacher who really cares for his students and more.

When I first started off with an interview with Can sensei, he immediately got a sensing of my proficiency in Japanese. He understood that my basics, especially in particles, were not that strong. He then went through the process of solidifying my basics in a manner that I can easily understand. After which, he made sure that anything that I did not understand up to my level was clearly explained. To explain things in a way that we can easily understand, he sometimes uses language that we can very easily relate to, such as Singlish. That helped a lot in understanding certain usage of different forms.

Can sensei will often tweak the lessons and teachings based on the class and towards each student. He is very patient and attentive to our strengths and weaknesses. He not only teaches the grammar or vocabulary of the language, but he also strongly emphasizes on the way we pronounce the words. This is especially understandable as different intonations carry different meanings in Japanese. If one is familiar with mandarin, one would see it as being similar to the difference in intonation between the different tones.

Not only is Can sensei an exceptional teacher, he is also a caring one. He ensures that each student is comfortable in his class and even purchases expensive and comfortable chairs for his students so that they can enjoy class in comfort. He also enhances the learning process and makes it easy for students to be able to access the lesson from elsewhere by using a digital whiteboard supplementing the traditional whiteboard.

Can sensei not only cares for us during lessons but outside as well, and often tries to help others to the best of his abilities. With regards to personal issues outside of class, one can definitely look up to Can sensei for advice. Personally, Can sensei has helped me get through an extremely tough period of my time. I am very appreciative of him being there for me during this tough time and looking out for me and caring for my well-being.

Can sensei often encourage his students by giving them rewards and gifts from time to time and does his best to motivate his students to pursue their interest in mastering Japanese. He will often share his experiences of going to Japan and introduce shows that we can watch so that we can pursue our interest in advancing our proficiency in the Japanese language.

All in all, I must say that Can sensei is a very dedicated, exceptional and caring teacher that one should have. His care and attentiveness is one to yearn for and you will find that studying under him is definitely a magnificent choice.


Testimonial from student

Received a testimonial from one of my students.
Humans were born to be curious creatures, we crave the knowledge of the unknown, constantly feeling the need to learn new things that would expand the horizon of our world. This gift of ours has led to many great things, from the steam engine to the technology that we so very need today to enrich our lives.

However, we are not superhumans. Bill Gates constantly thanks his teachers for playing a part in getting to where he is right now. If you haven’t already noticed, our path of learning has always been paved by ‘teachers’. Be it going to school, or even our parents teaching us how to walk, there is always someone there to guide us and assist us in learning. Yes, you may argue that self-learning is a thing and there are times where we can only rely on ourselves. I do not fully disagree with you, there are indeed benefits to self-learning. But first, let’s put this in the context of learning Japanese (which is the reason why you are reading this).

When I first started, I strongly felt that Japanese could be self-taught. I thought that I didn’t need a teacher, I thought that I could save the money to feed my materialistic lifestyle. Like I said, it IS possible to self-learn anything, including Japanese. But what made me change my mind? What made me willing to seek lessons?


I made big use of the vast resources that the Internet provided: Youtube tutorials, Meguro, Duolingo, you name it. I was getting nowhere. I’m not implying that these platforms are bad. I mean honestly, they’re great! If you haven’t tried, how it usually works is that you go through a number of lessons and you are tested at the end of every lesson. These lessons are relatively easy, you would be able to score full marks easily each time. But I still felt like something was missing. Why am I still facing difficulty conjuring basic sentences even after acing these lessons?

Passing these lessons felt like I am in possession of certain ‘tools’. How I am going to make use of these ‘tools’ is a different dilemma all over again. There was no clear guide as to where I should get started and I slowly began to feel lost. I needed help.

Googling ‘Japanese lesson Singapore’ would bring up a couple of reputable Japanese language schools in Singapore. If you’re reading this it means that you have definitely encountered their websites and have chosen to look for different schools, either because they are too expensive or you can’t commit to their lesson schedules (which are also the same reasons why I have chosen here over the other more reputable schools).

I was looking for value and flexibility, and both aspects stood out to me when I browsed this website. I remember having five tabs on my browser, all on the ‘Rates’ or ‘Fees’ section of each website. Needless to say, ‘Tsubasa Language Services’ was the cheapest (this is not an ad). But, as a fellow Singaporean skeptic, this thought always comes through our heads when we compare prices.

“Is it cheap because it is of low quality/lousy?”

My answer to that is no.

I am someone known to be sensitive to the feelings of the people around me, and from the first lesson, I could immediately sense the genuity and passion in teaching from Can-sensei. I also remember the sense of enlightenment and understanding during my first lesson. I was finally able to conjure basic sentences with the things I learnt on the various platforms! All from this one lesson.

Remember when I emphasised on the importance of teachers? Is a teacher that is able to teach well considered top-notched and respectable? Well, technically yes. But I beg to differ. A teacher that is able to teach well only shows that he/she is able to carry out his/her duty well. I believe that a ‘good’ teacher is one that can unleash the potential of their students and maximise their learning capabilities. And for that, I believe Can-sensei has done it, and has done it well.

In a business perspective, the most economically logical thing to do is to teach the contents of one chapter per lesson (which I believe is what most schools do). However, Can-sensei did not do that. During our first few lessons, Can-sensei regarded that I was able to grasp the basic concepts well, and pushed me to my maximum potential by not wasting time on chapters that he feels I am already proficient in.

That being said, I never liked learning as a kid. But somehow, Can-sensei has awakened the curious nature in me, and I believe he would do the same for you.

-L. Tan
Private student
Completed 3/4 of Minna no Nihongo I in 20 lessons


Testimonial from online student from US

Received a testimonial last year from one of my online students from US. Here goes.
Hi, Sensei. I decided to write a testimonial for you because I really appreciate everything you do and I want you to see the impact you’ve had in my life over these few short weeks. Sorry if it’s a bit long, but I had a lot to say.

“I have wanted to learn Japanese for a long time. It was on and off for over 5 years before this past year, when I decided to start studying seriously. I had told everyone that I was learning, which was a pretty big mistake. My motivation plummeted, and I had no interest in actually studying. I spent my time watching dramas and listening to music because I knew I had to keep up the input, but I couldn’t find the energy to actually study.

That’s when I saw Sensei posting on Reddit. I had seen his posts before, but this time he was asking for students to attend his class online. I knew this was the opportunity I needed. Even without being motivated, having someone to hold me accountable would really push me to keep going like I wanted to. I joined the class without hesitation.

When I finally got the chance to attend, Sensei’s class was nothing like I had expected. With this being week 5, all of the topics were topics I had already learned. But, somehow, Sensei really taught me something during every class. Whether it was correct pronunciation and pitch, extra vocabulary, or culture, I learned something new during every class. This was a sign that I truly needed to be in this class.”

“Just teaching us is not enough for Sensei. All of the lecture videos I had watched before don’t amount to what Sensei does for this class. He asks us to participate, and I never feel singled out or embarrassed. He does his best to make us sound authentic from our pronunciation to our accent, and doesn’t hesitate to keep us practicing a word until he thinks we have it down. We just did a presentation for the class on aspects of Japanese culture, which is not something I expected to do in an online class. As a university student, the quality of this class rivals the quality of classes I’m taking to earn my degree.

While the information you gain is a good judge of the standards of a class, this class goes beyond just learning about Japanese culture and language. We’ve built a community of learners who are inspired every day by each other to keep pursuing their dreams. People all over the globe with all different backgrounds come together to learn more about Japan, and I think that’s beautiful. I’m so very thankful to Sensei for all he has done for us, and especially for me.”


New testimonial from student

Hi all,

Received a new testimonial from a student.
I have been learning Japanese from Can-sensei for about 3 months, starting from little to no prior experience in the language. My lack of experience wasn’t a huge disadvantage however, because Can-sensei’s classes easily accommodated the needs of learners starting from a clean slate. Most other schools cram upwards of 20-30 students into a single class as if they were part-time childcare centres; Can-sensei’s classes are a simple 8-pax session in a small classroom which gives you, as a learner, much more well-deserved attention to your learning progress.

The foundation Japanese course was not as intimidating as learning a new language might sound. Right from the first lesson, what stood out to me about Can-sensei was his obvious passion for imparting knowledge. Instead of the dull droning you’d expect from your primary school Mandarin teacher, he is amazingly animated and enthusiastic for a guy teaching tens of classes every single day. It almost gives you and your constant “kill me please” desk job face an existential crisis. Lessons with Can-sensei feel more like a weekly educational gathering at your best friend’s house than another chore you drag your feet to every week.

As for the foundation lessons’ content itself, Can-sensei put together his own, unorthodox 10-lesson syllabus which impressed me in many ways. Rather than throw out a million “useful phrases in Japanese” for you to memorize over and over until you lose your sanity, he cements your foundation in the language with knowledge on HOW these phrases are formed. By emphasizing all four of writing, reading, pronunciation and conversation equally, Can-sensei ensures that you get the basics perfect and don’t go on to make basic mistakes as you progress in learning.

Can-sensei also puts a huge emphasis on self-study. Instead of wasting time and forcing you to memorize hiragana characters by writing them a billion times during your precious paid lesson hours, he encourages you to take it to task by doing it yourself at home then evaluating your progress at the start of every new lesson. As it should be – the burden of practice should fall on the student, not the teacher. Can-sensei is able to manage lesson time wisely by teaching actual important information.

The unique formula pays off and is apparent after 10 weeks of foundation lessons. Even I couldn’t believe that I could speak basic sentences without much hesitation after such a short time! But don’t take my word for it, please do sign up and experience it yourself. Not only is it value for money, I dare say it is a most therapeutic and happy environment to learn Japanese in.

By: Mr Mok
Currently in Sunday Beginner class


The Passionate Japanese Teacher

Hi all,

Received another 2 touching testimonials from my students.
Here it goes.
I have been learning Japanese from Can sensei from about 3 months but prior to that I have been self-studying for some time and had completed the Genki one textbook. However, with Can sensei I feel that I am able to learn and practice more than when I was self-studying.

Can sensei has a strong passion to teach. This shows in his ability to guide his students. However, Can sensei does not spoon feed. In the larger scheme of things, he hopes to cultivate an independent life-long-learning mentality in his students. Instead, he provides plenty of useful resources for his students to use outside of class. Many of which are prepared by sensei himself.

I feel that the fact that Can sensei is not a native speaker is a huge benefit. Sensei is fluent in Japanese, of course, but he worked hard to attain his level of proficiency. He knows what it’s like to be a student learning Japanese and therefore knows what concepts would need more focus and is able to explain them in ways we can understand and relate to.

I highly recommend Can sensei to anyone who wants to learn Japanese. He has a great personality and a love for the Japanese language and culture. He will push his students and really focus on drilling and perfecting their Japanese.

By: Ezekiel Lee
I started studying with Can-sensei in August 2018 together with my friend.
Before I started any lessons, I was self-studying with Genki textbook but I did not manage to grasp the concepts well, especially the various grammar structures.
When I met Can-sensei, he assessed my proficiency through a trial lesson and shared with me the progression path of the language and the commitment level required.

Throughout the 3 months, I was able to understand all the grammar structures easily through Can-sensei’s unique style of explaining. He makes it easy to understand grammar structures and can explain it in a way that native teachers wouldn’t be able to.
Other than lessons, Can-sensei also brought us to Japanese restaurants to share about the culture and introduces dramas during lessons to make the lesson more interesting.

If you are looking somewhere to start learning Japanese, don’t hesitate to go to Can-sensei. He is a knowledgeable and friendly teacher who you will not regret learning from.

By: Seah YL