About Us

Tsubasa Language Services started with a man’s dream to help people out there learn and master the Japanese language affordably. This is the only place in Singapore that teaches the Japanese language along with culture, food, Japan trip planning, the Japanese way of thinking, personal character and moral development.

Students who graduate from the programme move on in life to spread the love for Japan and help others out there. Although all trainers are locals, they have completed the training course for Japanese language teachers (日本語教師養成コース) and accent correction training.

Tsubasa Language Services also collaborates with the Japanese Association of Singapore in their yearly summer festival and Japanese employment agencies to help students find jobs. Also, the carrot: a free ticket to Japan for the best student every year.

For the extraordinary person that wants to find his/her meaning in life through the learning of the Japanese language, visit Tsubasa Language Services

Our Teachers
My name is Can, a 37 year old Singaporean. I started my Japanese studies in Jan 2006. I have been teaching for about 14 years now. I hold a JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) N1 certificate for both 2010 and 2017. I am proficient in the Japanese method of learning Japanese. It’s different from how foreigners learn Japanese, which is a method that may prove to be difficult when you approach the higher levels of the language. I have also Business Japanese experience, supporting Japanese users for 3 years plus. Students who studied under me have scored 75% and above on the JLPT. My best student’s score was 180/180 for JLPT N2 (2016). I have also an extensive Japanese books library, which is updated regularly to help students to score well in the JLPT. I have also completed my Japanese teacher training course. I have also been to Japan 40 times. Let’s learn Japanese together!

はじめまして。ケンと申します。37歳で、シンガポール人です。2006年1月から日本語を勉強しはじめました。今まで、14年ほど日本語を教えています。日本語能力試験1級に合格して、日本人はどうやって日本語を習得するか熟達しています。外国人が日本語を勉強する方法に比べて少し違い、もっと面白いです。3年ぐらいビジネス日本語を使った経験もあります。私から日本語を勉強した生徒は日本語能力試験で75%以上のいい点数が取れました。 一番トップの生徒は180点中180点を取りました(日本語能力試験N2級・2016)。日本語に関する図書室もあり、生徒を合格させるため、書籍はいつも更新しています。日本語教師養成コースも受けました。 40回日本に行ったことがあります。一緒に日本語を勉強しましょう! (^_^)


Hello! My name is J.K, an English teacher who specializes in both British English and American English.

I have been teaching English to both children and adults since 2014, after graduating with a B.A in English. My spoken English lean towards an American English accent. I am also trained in Received Pronunciation (British English), where I learned how to project my voice and such like.

To achieve a perfect command of English may seem to be difficult. However, I will work together with learners to help them achieve a native-like fluency in English.

I look forward to seeing you in my lessons.

Our teaching philosophy
1) Create an engaging environment in which the students and the teacher grow together as a group; learn the Japanese language, Japanese culture, and the mindsets of Japanese people; and to develop their character and moral values.

2) Teachers act as guides and make the effort to engage students in a fun and safe environment.

3) As the student learns more with each passing lesson, Japanese grammar and vocabulary will become the feathers that form the wings of skill progression necessary for the student to fly independently in life. Throughout the course of the program, students will fly along with us to learn the morals of Japanese people, which will guide them to soar higher into the next stage of life and touch others’ hearts along the way.

2 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Im looking to brush up on my conversational Japanese n have a jlpt 2. Do you offer. Any intermediate conversational courses.

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