Pre-Advanced Japanese: New Starting Date

Hi all,We have a new starting date for our Pre-Advanced class. It has now been shifted to 4th January 2022. This is a course that leads all the way from N4 to N2 in 1.5 years, instead of the usual 2 years. This course is also online, so you can do it anywhere in theContinue reading “Pre-Advanced Japanese: New Starting Date”

New Pre-Advanced and Advanced class

Dear all, I am starting 2 new classes. Pre-Advanced Starting date: 2nd Sep 2019 (Mon) Time: 7pm-830pm Fees: $262 for 10 lessons Slots: 8 (3 slots left) Pre-requisite: Need to at least completed N4 studies Advanced Starting date: 8th Aug 2019 (Thurs) Time: 7pm-9pm Fees: $350 for 10 lessons (Promotion price: $300/10 lessons) Slots: 6Continue reading “New Pre-Advanced and Advanced class”

Free classes for those who passed N2

Dear all, I am organizing free classes for those who passed N2 to constantly keep up with the language. Lessons will be held either on Sun 10-11.30am or Sat 1-3pm. Both classes (holding class) will do lessons on Business Japanese, using Japanese to learn Psychology, using Japanese to understand Japanese culture and so on. TheContinue reading “Free classes for those who passed N2”

Improving Listening for JLPT N1/N2 (FOC)

Hi all, Want to find out more about how to excel and improve your listening skills for JLPT N1/N2? If yes, this meetup is for you. I will be going through various question patterns and how to tackle them. I guarantee you would score for your listening if you follow my steps. =) Details areContinue reading “Improving Listening for JLPT N1/N2 (FOC)”

Progressing from JLPT N4/N2 to N2/N1

Hi all, I feel compelled today to share this article. Today, we were watching a Japanese drama in class for my Intermediate 2 students. In the show, there was this lady who had a miscarriage. After that, her husband went up to her room and saw her eating… The script went like this… (changed theContinue reading “Progressing from JLPT N4/N2 to N2/N1”