New Pre-Advanced and Advanced class

Dear all, I am starting 2 new classes. Pre-Advanced Starting date: 2nd Sep 2019 (Mon) Time: 7pm-830pm Fees: $262 for 10 lessons Slots: 8 (3 slots left) Pre-requisite: Need to at least completed N4 studies Advanced Starting date: 8th Aug 2019 (Thurs) Time: 7pm-9pm Fees: $350 for 10 lessons (Promotion price: $300/10 lessons) Slots: 6…

Free classes for those who passed N2

Dear all, I am organizing free classes for those who passed N2 to constantly keep up with the language. Lessons will be held either on Sun 10-11.30am or Sat 1-3pm. Both classes (holding class) will do lessons on Business Japanese, using Japanese to learn Psychology, using Japanese to understand Japanese culture and so on. The…

N1級の準備コース (1月から) 合格保証!

みなさん、 こんばんは。来年から新しいN1級の準備コースを始めます。 スタート日:1月6日 (土) 時間: 3時-6時 席: 6席 受講料: $300 / 1学期 (8学期) テキスト: 15冊 (無料) 場所: Waterloo Centre 合格保証! 興味がございましたら、ご連絡ください。

Improving Listening for JLPT N1/N2 (FOC)

Hi all, Want to find out more about how to excel and improve your listening skills for JLPT N1/N2? If yes, this meetup is for you. I will be going through various question patterns and how to tackle them. I guarantee you would score for your listening if you follow my steps. =) Details are…

Progressing from JLPT N4/N2 to N2/N1

Hi all, I feel compelled today to share this article. Today, we were watching a Japanese drama in class for my Intermediate 2 students. In the show, there was this lady who had a miscarriage. After that, her husband went up to her room and saw her eating… The script went like this… (changed the…

Only 4 slots left for Beginner Class

Hi all, For those who are interested in the beginner class, do act fast and enquire if you wish to join the class. There are only 4 slots left. Total number of slots for the class is 6. I have amended the previous post. /Can

Video on noun-modifier form/名詞修飾形

Hi all, I have created a video on noun-modifier form. Hope this is useful for those taking JLPT N1-N3. This is my 1st time creating a video, so hope you readers can give me some comments. =) Part 1: Part 2: Cheers, Can

New classes and Existing classes information updated

Hi all, I have updated the new classes and existing classes information. If you are interested to take up any of the classes, do drop us a message via the Contact Us form with your name and contact number. Have a good day. New song from Namie Amuro: Mint Cheers, Can

New Beginner: Foundation Studies Class

Hi all, Due to popular demand, we are starting a new Beginner: Foundation Studies class. Starting Date: 31st July 2016 (Sunday) Time: 3pm-5pm Fees: $400 for 20 sessions Textbook: $15 Slots: 6 ______________________________________________________ We are also starting an Intensive class. Details are per below. Starting Date: 6th June (Monday) Time: 12.30pm-2.30pm Fees: $400 for 20 sessions…


7月にJLPT N1級を受けるみなさまへ、 無料準備クラスを開きます。 日時:6月27-30日 (月-金) 2時から5時まで コピー代:~10-20ドル 場所:Wilkie Edge トピック 1) 速読 2) 文法の復習 3) よく出る言葉 4) 例年の試験問題集 申し込みはこちらまでお願いいたします。 ケン