New Classes

Updated: 30th June 2019

Level Starting Date Day Time Fees Textbook No. of slots
Beginner Japanese: Foundation Studies
(Trainer: HB/ Can)
23 Aug 19 Fri 730pm-930pm $310  for 10 lessons
(Promotion price: $200/10 lessons)
$70 8 (4 slots left)
Intermediate Japanese 4th Sept 2019 Wed 7pm-930pm $340 for 10 lessons $70 8 (4 slots left)
Pre-Advanced Japanese 2nd Sep 2019 Mon 7pm-830pm $262 for 10 lessons $60 8 (3 slots left)
Advanced Japanese 8th Aug 2019 Thurs 7pm-9pm $350 for 10 lessons
(Promotion price: $300/10 lessons)
Handout 6 (1 slot left)

20 Comments Add yours

  1. Elijah Chen says:

    Hi Can Sensei,

    for Beginner foundation studies, any slots availble?


    1. dimitri2012 says:


      You may wish to sign up for J sensei’s class.
      My classes are full.
      J sensei teaches equally well. =)

  2. Elijah Chen says:

    How do i check / sign up for J sensei’s schedule?

    1. dimitri2012 says:

      J sensei’s class is starting in Feb 2013.
      If interested, let me know. i will ask J sensei to contact u. =)

  3. elijah says:

    Yes, I’m keen but prefer sat if possible. Thanks

  4. Ivy Lim Hwee Ling says:

    Hi Sensei , I am waiting for your reply soon .

    1. dimitri2012 says:

      Have emailed to you.

  5. Ferine Tan says:

    Hi Can Sensei,

    Are there any Beginner foundation studies slots available for 2?


    1. dimitri2012 says:

      Yes. Kindly check your email. =)

  6. Venus says:


    I will like to enquire on your classes.

    Had done elementary classes at Bunka 1.5 yrs before. However, I do not know where should I start now if I wish to continue my studies.

    Will you be able to advise me further on your classes and location?

    Thanks 🙂

    1. dimitri2012 says:

      Venus, pls drop me an email with your contact number. Will give you a call tomorrow night. Thank you.

  7. Jaye says:

    Hi Can,

    Will you be opening up any intermediate classes soon?

    1. dimitri2012 says:

      Hi Jaye,

      The next Intermediate class will be somewhere around Feb/Mar.

  8. spychris3556 says:

    Hi! I wanted to enroll in one of your classes but I’m not sure which I would join, I have no knowledge in Japanese, which would be the earliest timeslot for the beginner lessons?

    1. dimitri2012 says:

      it would be in mid Feb i think

      1. spychris3556 says:

        Could I have information regarding the location, price and time? Thanks!

      2. dimitri2012 says:

        Pls drop us an email with your name n contact number. Thank you

  9. Richard Ling says:

    Hi. I would like to learn Japanese. I have zero Japanese language background. Do you have any slots for beginner (foundation)? Thank you.

    1. dimitri2012 says:

      Yes. Pls drop me an email using the Contact Me form.

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