New Classes

Updated: 11th Nov 2022
You may choose to attend the lesson online or offline (for non-online lessons)
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LevelStarting DateTimeFeesTextbookNo. of slotsTeacher
Beginner (Foundation Studies)
6th Mar 2023 (Mon)7:30pm-9:30pm$220/8 lessons (Subsequent terms: $350 for 10 lessons)
$706 (4 slots left)Can-sensei
Intermediate leading to N3/N48th Jan 2023 (Sun)12:20pm-2:20pm$380/10 lessons
$706 (1 slot left)Can-sensei
Intermediate leading to N3/N4
6th Jan 2023
7:30pm-9:30pm$380/10 lessons$706 (1 slot left)Teo-sensei
N2 Prep class
(100% pass)
28th Oct 2022
3:15pm-5:30pm$370 for 10 lessons$308 (2 slots left)Can-sensei

14 thoughts on “New Classes

    1. Hi,

      You may wish to sign up for J sensei’s class.
      My classes are full.
      J sensei teaches equally well. =)

    1. J sensei’s class is starting in Feb 2013.
      If interested, let me know. i will ask J sensei to contact u. =)

  1. Hi Can Sensei,

    Are there any Beginner foundation studies slots available for 2?


  2. Dear Can-Sensei, will there be any new upcoming conversation classes? I am currently still learning Japanese but very poor in conversation.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Esther,

      Please email to us via the Contact Us form to do a conversation test check.

      Best regards,

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