My new classroom

The new classroom is almost done. Without my students and friends monetary and emotional support, this place wouldnt be the place my students call their 2nd home where they can come anytime to relax. More pictures coming up soon. =)

New home

みなさん、 おはようございます。 I have started to move to our new home (3 mins walk from Lavender MRT) I will update with more pictures when the classroom is done up properly. /Can


みなさん、 こんばんは。Today, i received a thank you note from one of the readers who read my blog. Message as below: Hi Can Sensei, I would like to say thanks for the blog posts about the grammars and stuff, it helped me when I was taking Japanese as an elective in university. _________________ Throughout my 12…

Video of my teaching

みなさん、 こんばんは。 If you would like a video to see how i teach, pls email me. For serious potential students only. Cheers, Can

Best student award 2018

Best student award for 2018: Cliff S /Ben S —————- Cliff comes to me as a すごく賢い人です。Very hardworking, diligent, always striving to learn more Japanese. It is no wonder that he finished the whole N5 syllabus in less than 4 months and scoring a A ★ for his mock test that i gave to him….

Japan Food Fair@Takashimaya

みなさん、(Everyone) こんばんは。 (Good evening) 今日は高島屋へ行きました。 (I went to Takashimaya today) Wanted to buy some stuff but kinda expensive, so went home empty handed. =( /Can

Passed N1 (by my 2 months N2 student)

Dear all, Do you remember the student who took 2 months and passed N2? He managed to pass N1 and wrote a testimonial for me. Read on to see what he said. /Can ———————————- I am happy to write another testimonial for Can-sensei, who continued to be my mentor when I was preparing for my…

New Beginner Japanese: Foundation Studies (Sat afternoon)

Dear all, I will be starting a new Japanese class on Sat afternoon. Estimated starting date: 17th November 18 (Sat) or earlier once we have 6 students Time: 3-5pm Fees: $300/10 lessons Slots: 6 (2 slots left) Location: Waterloo Centre (See classroom and testimonials) Try 2 lessons for free. =) Drop us an message using…

Collaboration with Matsudo International School

Dear all, I have started a collaboration with Matsuda International School, Japan to refer students who wish to study in Japan. I don’t earn a commission from them, the savings is all passed to the students. For student visa course (long term study), they currently already have a scholarship called AJP, which gives a total…

Reference for Minna no Nihongo 1

みなさん、 おはようございます。 Below is a chart i have done. Feel free to use it or share with your friends. Cheers, Can