Chapter 11 Minna no Nihongo

Hi all, Today, i taught counters to my students. If you are interested to find out more about my classes, drop me a message via the Contact Me link. Cheers, Can

Latecoming→Regrets→Happiness (遅刻→後悔→幸せ)

1 year ago, i remember i scolded one of my N1 students very badly in front of my other students. I always have the mindset of a discipline master, as i believe that Japanese people are not late for work/school/etc or will inform if they are coming late. He had this bad habit of coming…

Birthday month promotion

Hi all, Its my birthday this month, so i am going to run a promotion. Try out 5 lessons for $80 for any class. <For new students only> /Can  


At the venue supporting my students. Good luck to all taking exams.

Beginning Japanese: Foundation Studies

Dear readers, Thank you for your support for my website. My book will be published soon on Amazon soon. will post the link once the book is ready for purchase. Meanwhile, please take a look at the cover. Cheers, Can

New Beginner classes

Hi all, We are going to have 2 new Beginner classes. Beginner Japanese: Foundation Studies Mon 830pm-10pm Starting date: 1st July Slots: 4 Price: $200 for 10 lessons (subsidized rate due to time) Trainer: Can Tues 730-930pm Starting date: 2nd July Slots: 6 Price: $310 for 10 lessons Trainer: HB What you will learn: -Introduce…