New Conversation Class

Hi all, I will be starting a new conversation class from 5th Jan 20 onwards. Date: 5th Jan 20 Time: 1215-215pm Fees: $300 for 12 lessons Slots: 6 (4 slots left) Minimum level required: N5 Contact me using the Contact us form to find out more. Course content 1.Accent -Learn the 4 various types ofContinue reading “New Conversation Class”

New Conversation Class starting 7th Nov

Dear all, Would you like to improve on your speaking skills and listening skills? Look no further. I am opening a new Conversation class. This class is only offered once every year. Date: 7th Nov 2017 (every Tues) Time: 7-830pm Slots: 4 Fees: $80 for 4 sessions (whole course is 40 sessions) Level required: minimumContinue reading “New Conversation Class starting 7th Nov”

Special 会話クラス (for those who just finished Minna no Nihongo 1)

Dear all, I will be having a 10 session special 会話クラス, for those who finished Minna no Nihongo 1, but wish to get more practice in speaking. Starting Date: Feb 2017 Time: Tues 8pm-930pm Fees: $120 for 10 sessions (for those who reserve and make payment by end of Dec 2016) If you are interested,Continue reading “Special 会話クラス (for those who just finished Minna no Nihongo 1)”

New Conversation Class coming up in September

Hi all, We will be having a new conversation class this September. Starting date: 16th September 2016 (Fri) Time: 830pm-10pm Slots: 5 (3 slots left) Fees: $210 for 10 lessons, total of 44 lessons for this course For this class, you must at least have N4 and above to qualify for this class. To findContinue reading “New Conversation Class coming up in September”

Improving your Conversation Skills

みなさん、 こんにちは。 Recently a lot of students have been asking me how to improve your conversation skills, so i thought of writing this post to share my thoughts about how you can improve your conversation skills. These methods have been tested, proven to be effective. However, as the “growth” is very slow, you might not beContinue reading “Improving your Conversation Skills”