Another testimony (^_^)

Learning a language was never my thing, even back during the school days.

Having chanced upon Can’s website, I would think this would be a good opportunity to learn the Japanese language, since I don’t want to keep reading subtitles when watching anime/drama, or using Google translate when reading Japanese articles/sites.

Can’s teaching style allows someone who has no prior knowledge of the language like me to have a quick understanding in a short time. His knowledge of Japanese is not confined to just the language, and is very well-informed of the culture as well. Having a small class allows all of us to be focused during the lessons.

It’s been 2 months thus far from the start of the foundation classes, and I must say that I’m glad that I’ve signed up for the course.

Thank you, Sensei.

By: SB Yeo
Student from Beginner class


New testimonial Received (^_^)

Another new testimonial received from student.
The class that Mr Hong is in, we are going to have a class gathering at an authentic Japanese restaurant. =)

I have always regretted not taking up Japanese as a third language in secondary school as the culture is fascinatingly unique. Like many well-traveled locals, I have been to Japan several times and appreciated the environment and food, but the language barrier has always been significant. I took up Can’s lessons after coming across his website online as it suited my schedule and budget. Can’s lessons are very reasonably priced. He teaches enthusiastically and his pacing is good for someone starting from scratch. Besides learning basic functional conversation, I have found myself miraculously able to read basic Japanese characters in a short span of two months despite just wanting to learn basic speech alone. My work schedule can be rather hectic and flexible but Can is able to kindly accommodate and provide follow-up coaching within reasonable limits and with prior notification. Can is competent in the teaching and writing of the language and can take your learning to advanced levels should you wish to progress far in the language. He is both a teacher and a friend and comes with highest recommendations.

By: Mr. Hong
Student from Beginner class


Thoughts of a student: “I’ve never regret meeting Can-sensei”

I came across Can-sensei website through a local forum, enquired about his classes and took up the beginner class he’s offering. The class that I’m attending consist of 6 of us, compared to a class of 10 or more, which Sensei is able to give us more attention and track our progress. A thing to note, which I’m happy that the class is “family-oriented”. We progress as a whole family, understand the lesson or tasks given to us and we move on to the next, which schools don’t offer.

Can-sensei is different compared to other teachers. He’s well informative, well versed in Japanese and takes care of his students as well. I’m able to understand his classes and he make’s sure that we understand the chapter before progressing to the next. He makes the class lively by introducing us songs and dramas and if we were to come upon a common interest, we’ll talk about it, etc.

To me, Can-sensei is both a sensei and a friend. I’ve never regret meeting him.

By: Bryson Wong
Currently in Beginner class


New Testimonials from students

Can-sensei’s lessons are very engaging. It is not uncommon for sensei’s students to be ex-students of certain institute or language centers. I used to study Japanese in Singapore Polytechnic but gave up even before I completed the first year. The lessons in SP were informative but the way the lessons were carried out was quite dry and monotonous. It was easy for me to lose interest very quickly.

Another good point of sensei’s lessons is that, as a non-native speaker, he understands our learning handicaps and capabilities better than some of the native speakers. Some nuances are lost, in translation/teaching, during institutional lessons because the teacher, who is a native speaker of the language, fails to translate the meaning of the words or sentences to our native language. With sensei, this does not happen because the lesson is conducted in a mixture of Japanese, Mandarin (for classes with only Chinese students) and English.

His lessons are sincere and passionate. I look forward to sensei’s lessons every week and when there is no lesson, I feel bored. To me, it is a good thing that sensei’s lessons are not rigid and though he conforms to a certain regimen for teaching, I feel that he brings something unique every chapter/lesson. Of course, his lesson is not limited to only the language but also the culture of and various insights to Japan.

Last but not least, I really feel that his pronunciation and accent of standard Japanese is great. It might feel a little weird, at first, to be corrected when you read aloud but you will experience the benefits of this when you speak in Japanese to a Japanese (especially when you go to Japan).

By: Christina Ng
Current student in Beginner class
Attended 20 sessions under Can
Was told by a few Japanese natives that her Japanese pronunciation
is very good.
Can-sensei is an experienced and passionate Japanese language teacher. Despite being a non-native Japanese teacher, Sensei is able to speak the Japanese language fluently. The lesson plan is well structured and reasonably paced. I find the lessons easy to follow and understand. In addition to the textbook learning, Sensei makes learning interesting by incorporating Japanese culture, songs and dramas into the lessons. Can-sensei is truly a motivated and dedicated teacher who takes his time to help all students. I highly recommend Can-sensei to all Japanese learners.

By: Andy Tay
Current student in Beginner class
Attended 20 sessions under Can
I requested Can-sensei to teach me after reading the good testimonials. He agreed to teach me without much hesitation though his schedule was tight. Not only he has to teach me through Skype as he is in Singapore and I am in Canada but also he has to wake up early on every Sunday to teach me due to the 16 hours time difference.

Can-sensei is very passionate about teaching. He teaches me patiently as I told him that I have the worst memory and the slowest learning person in the world. He enhances his lessons further by sharing the meaningful and supportive Japanese songs, TV drama and culture with me. He often emails additional notes, practices and information to help me to have better understanding in the language.
During the lesson, he demonstrates enthusiasm, passion, detailed, organizational and knowledgeable skills.   You can feel he loves teaching, he always go way and beyond to help and support youHaving Can-sensei as my teacher is a blessing for me.
Serene Heng
Private student from Canada
Attended 10 sessions under Can


New testimonial from student

Received a new testimonial from a student.
Sensei has been very kind and always ready to answer any questions we have during our self study. He’ll also introduce us to nice Japanese drama and songs so as to keep the interest in Japanese language strong. Another unique point about him is that he’ll give guidance and tips on how to travel around Japan and that is something which you will not find in japanese language schools. The best thing about him is that you will not only gain a teacher, but also a friend in him.

By: Sheila Guo
Currently in Can`s Beginner class

N2, Testimonials

New testimonial from N2 Skype lesson student

Received new testimonial from N2 Skype lesson student
I joined Sensei’s online preparation class for JLPT N2. We have 2 hours of classes on weekends and we are 3 people in total.
Before our first class I was wondering how things will go. I was always kind of sceptical about teaching a language via Skype, but Sensei is doing great job! He always has well-prepared materials for us, his explanations are easy to understand. Sensei always makes sure that we all understand the material we are working on. He is also eager to help us even “outside” the class – we can always ask him a question if we find something unclear when we do self-study. Sensei is always talking to us in Japanese, so we can practice our listening and speaking skills as well. Ah and the lessons have really friendly atmosphere. Sensei knows how to make his student relax with funny Japanese songs or videos, it makes the learning process nicer.
Can has one more thing that makes him great teacher – he is very supportive. He is cheering me up on my studies, especially when I feel tired and overwhelmed by it. His support in important on my way to JLPT…
What is more, he is a JLPT expert Smile JLPT is specific exam and Can knows a lot about it. Thanks to him we can also learn more about exam itself and know useful hints that you cannot find online.
Finally, Can is just a friendly and disinterested person, who enjoys teaching Japanese . It is amazing that he decided to dedicated his free time to a total strangers from far away, don’t you think? And he does it for free. I am really grateful and happy that I can participate in his Skype preparation class (too bad that face-to-face classes are impossible, if only I lived in Singapore…Smile).

By: Marta
Student from Poland


New testimonial received

Another testimonial received….
My desire to learn Japanese began when J-pop used to be prominent and it was then, I felt this necessity to not just appreciate the melancholic melody but also try to understand the lyrics by studying the language. Since then, I have moved on to other medias as well such as Anime, drama and even games to help improve my listening and reading skills. A brief trajectory of my Japanese studies include part-time classes at Japanese language schools (Cambridge Language School and Japanese Cultural Society), classes in Ngee Ann Polytechnic and Nanyang Technological University, and finally furthering my studies here with Can-sensei.

With my experience in these various learning environments, I have managed to identity some areas where it would be more conducive to learn under Can-sensei. Firstly, Can-sensei’s teaching method is dynamic and flexible. A class is never boring with just pure grammar or vocabulary, you are not required to regurgitate any difficult words or learn through one-sided communication like in classrooms. More than often, students are not encouraged to ask questions by the competitive environment in language schools as some people may dominate the class. For myself, I am often relegated to the back of the class and the teachers usually do not have extra time after class to answer queries, as they have to rush for the next class. Here, under the guidance of Can-sensei, I am exposed to varied learning methods consisting of exercises, listening, speaking and even anime or drama in a single class. You will not be intimidated to ask questions as compared to being in a classroom since the study groups are usually small and encourage participation for every student.

Secondly, do not misunderstand that a Singaporean cannot teach a foreign language.  I guess sometimes it’s better for someone who’s been through your woes of studying Japanese to teach than a native who’s been using the language naturally. Some words or sentences could be so contextual that it’s even also difficult for a native to explain, just like Singlish, there are just too many nuances in it to relate to a non-native. Before I started the class, I was rather skeptical whether a non-native could teach Japanese. However, after the trial class, I felt that he has sufficient knowledge and experience to teach students. I would also have to say I am impressed by the variety of textbooks and exercises he has invested in to teach. Moreover, his aptitude in teaching is shown in his passion. He will pay attention to your pace and identify your weaknesses so you can be assured that you will not be left out.  Personally I feel that this is important in helping students learn better as most of the teachers in schools do not have the luxury time to pay attention to each student. Hence, the small class has allowed each student to learn better and also enhances the ability of the teacher to cater to each student more personally.

Last but not least, I feel that Can-sensei has really earned my respect, as he is not just a teacher but also a kind senior who shares his experience in Japan with all his students. He has helped us learn in many ways more than a classroom could.

By: Joanna Lim
Attended Can’s JLPT N1 Prep class for 20 sessions


Testimonial from my longest-staying student (6-7 years)

Having been a student of Can for the past years, I feel, I have nothing but praises for this exemplary teacher. Without his guidance, I feel, it may not be possible for me to have achieve a solid foundation of the Japanese language, much less maintain my interest in studying the language to a relatively high level. I have been interested in learning the Japanese language since I was young, due in no small part to the popular culture exports from Japan (think anime, manga and games). However, I could only start doing so when I entered my polytechnic course. And it was halfway through this polytechnic course, that I joined Can’s classes, which had been organised by the school’s Japanese Cultural Club (where I was a member). Since then, I had continued taking his classes, up till this very day.

Perhaps, I feel, one of the most interesting aspect I find about Can’s classes, would be that he is able to explain the various cultural points and nuances related to the Japanese language (e.g. respectful/polite/beautifying language, etc.). Such cultural nuances and points, that, unless one had been born into, or had been exposed to the culture since young, would have been difficult for “outsiders” to the culture to grasp, much less, master. Yet, despite being a fellow Singaporean, it seems that Can is able to master these areas, and put these across in a manner that a typical Singaporean like myself could understand, drawing upon the areas that are analogous between both cultures.

To add on, I find Can very accommodating to somewhat slower students such as myself. I have pretty much lost count of the number of times I had to request for him to re-explain certain points, as I was unable to grasp the explanation given on the first round (much to the chagrin of some of my faster classmates). Yet, always, he willingly accommodated my requests, and patiently went through those areas, until I have a pretty good idea on what it is about. That, and, his flexible style of teaching, where he would use a great variety of methods in explanations, which I find particularly helpful (different styles of explanations will have different levels of understanding for different people).

On top of these, I feel the various activities outside class that Can organises on a regular basis, does help a lot in maintaining one’s interest in the Japanese language and culture. Events, such as the annual Natsu-matsuri, and the like, in addition to trips to Japanese shops such as Kinokuniya and Meidi-Ya, and for some, a trip to Japan; all of these, I find, is his way of ensuring that all in his class shares his enthusiasm for the Japanese culture and language. It is indeed, his special way of motivating his students, which, will pretty much differentiate him, from other teachers of the language. Hence, to conclude, I would like to recommend Can’s classes, for all whom may be interested in the Japanese language.

Graduated from N1 Prep Class end Jun 2014
Currently in Business Japanese class


New testimonial from student

Received a testimonial from student
If you are looking for a serious Japanese teacher, I can assure you that Can is above and beyond. In terms of teaching, Can is always open to questions and genuinely wants the best for his students. His dedication to teaching is exemplary and provides an inspiration for me to try my best towards learning Japanese. For example, he goes out of his way (from the duties of a teacher) to try and motivate students to learn, and tries innovative methods like a senpai/kouhai (senior/junior) relationship network in order to get students to revise.

In terms of learning, I personally feel that I can always approach him at any time and get a satisfactory answer. Also, Can provides excellent materials from which you can revise (at least for my level, I can’t speak for the other levels). Moreover, Can tries his best to develop a connection with his students and I believe this personal connection allows students to be more comfortable in classes as opposed to a normal classroom setting. While I was a bit surprised at the “classroom” (it’s held in a café), it quickly drifted off my mind because I was busy asking questions and listening to the lesson.

All in all, if you are looking for a serious teacher who will try his best for his students, Can may be the one for you.

From : Darren Ang
Student from Intermediate class
Attended 10 lessons under Can


Determination wins the race.

This student of mine only started when the rest of the students were at Chapter 6, (not week 6).
He has a lot of determination to want to do well and and now he’s one of the best in the class.

I have been wanting to study the Japanese language for years but have been hesitant due to limited free time being a student and hearing from some people that they have stopped lessons after a few months. I happened to come across Can sensei’s blog and seeing the class schedule which was weekly and that class fees were very reasonable, I decided to give it a shot and take his classes.

After a few 1-on-1 sessions, I joined one of the beginner classes which was already into the 6th week. During this time I was struggling due to lack of time to revise as I was working on an almost full-time schedule and having other trainings. Can sensei took note of this and gave me make-up lessons to revise in his free time, also giving me advice to manage my time after starting university. Today, I’ve been able revise regularly and able to keep up in classes.

The class I am in is definitely enjoyable with hardworking and positive classmates and makes it easy to speak due to the friendly environment. The correction on pronunciation gives us confidence in speaking the language and exposure to Japanese media such as dramas and music spur our interests in the culture as well. Also, with the assurance that I can continue taking lessons till N1, I am very much willing to continue my classes.

-Nic Lee Zhi Jian
Currently in Beginner 2 class
Attended more than 20 sessions