New Testimonial from student

Received a new testimonial from a couple who is working in Japan now. Attended my classes last year till Feb this year. ______________________________________________ Can-sensei is devoted to his students, not just in helping us improve our Japanese language aptitude, but also in sharing his knowledge about the culture that cannot be taught through a textbook.Continue reading “New Testimonial from student”

Another testimony (^_^)

Learning a language was never my thing, even back during the school days. Having chanced upon Can’s website, I would think this would be a good opportunity to learn the Japanese language, since I don’t want to keep reading subtitles when watching anime/drama, or using Google translate when reading Japanese articles/sites. Can’s teaching style allowsContinue reading “Another testimony (^_^)”

New testimonial Received (^_^)

Another new testimonial received from student. The class that Mr Hong is in, we are going to have a class gathering at an authentic Japanese restaurant. =) /Can =================================== I have always regretted not taking up Japanese as a third language in secondary school as the culture is fascinatingly unique. Like many well-traveled locals, IContinue reading “New testimonial Received (^_^)”

Thoughts of a student: “I’ve never regret meeting Can-sensei”

I came across Can-sensei website through a local forum, enquired about his classes and took up the beginner class he’s offering. The class that I’m attending consist of 6 of us, compared to a class of 10 or more, which Sensei is able to give us more attention and track our progress. A thing toContinue reading “Thoughts of a student: “I’ve never regret meeting Can-sensei””

New Testimonials from students

Can-sensei’s lessons are very engaging. It is not uncommon for sensei’s students to be ex-students of certain institute or language centers. I used to study Japanese in Singapore Polytechnic but gave up even before I completed the first year. The lessons in SP were informative but the way the lessons were carried out was quiteContinue reading “New Testimonials from students”

New testimonial from student

Received a new testimonial from a student. ========================== Sensei has been very kind and always ready to answer any questions we have during our self study. He’ll also introduce us to nice Japanese drama and songs so as to keep the interest in Japanese language strong. Another unique point about him is that he’ll giveContinue reading “New testimonial from student”

New testimonial from N2 Skype lesson student

Received new testimonial from N2 Skype lesson student ======================================== I joined Sensei’s online preparation class for JLPT N2. We have 2 hours of classes on weekends and we are 3 people in total. Before our first class I was wondering how things will go. I was always kind of sceptical about teaching a language viaContinue reading “New testimonial from N2 Skype lesson student”

New testimonial received

Another testimonial received…. ======================================== My desire to learn Japanese began when J-pop used to be prominent and it was then, I felt this necessity to not just appreciate the melancholic melody but also try to understand the lyrics by studying the language. Since then, I have moved on to other medias as well such asContinue reading “New testimonial received”

Testimonial from my longest-staying student (6-7 years)

Having been a student of Can for the past years, I feel, I have nothing but praises for this exemplary teacher. Without his guidance, I feel, it may not be possible for me to have achieve a solid foundation of the Japanese language, much less maintain my interest in studying the language to a relativelyContinue reading “Testimonial from my longest-staying student (6-7 years)”