New testimonial from N2 Skype lesson student

Received new testimonial from N2 Skype lesson student
I joined Sensei’s online preparation class for JLPT N2. We have 2 hours of classes on weekends and we are 3 people in total.
Before our first class I was wondering how things will go. I was always kind of sceptical about teaching a language via Skype, but Sensei is doing great job! He always has well-prepared materials for us, his explanations are easy to understand. Sensei always makes sure that we all understand the material we are working on. He is also eager to help us even “outside” the class – we can always ask him a question if we find something unclear when we do self-study. Sensei is always talking to us in Japanese, so we can practice our listening and speaking skills as well. Ah and the lessons have really friendly atmosphere. Sensei knows how to make his student relax with funny Japanese songs or videos, it makes the learning process nicer.
Can has one more thing that makes him great teacher – he is very supportive. He is cheering me up on my studies, especially when I feel tired and overwhelmed by it. His support in important on my way to JLPT…
What is more, he is a JLPT expert Smile JLPT is specific exam and Can knows a lot about it. Thanks to him we can also learn more about exam itself and know useful hints that you cannot find online.
Finally, Can is just a friendly and disinterested person, who enjoys teaching Japanese . It is amazing that he decided to dedicated his free time to a total strangers from far away, don’t you think? And he does it for free. I am really grateful and happy that I can participate in his Skype preparation class (too bad that face-to-face classes are impossible, if only I lived in Singapore…Smile).

By: Marta
Student from Poland

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