New Testimonial from Student

Received a new testimonial from student.
Can-sensei is a very patient and dedicated teacher. I always enjoy attending his lessons as I look forward to clearing any doubts that I have about the language. In his lessons, he always makes sure that I understand the concepts well by using clear and concise examples and will not hesitate to explain it again in a different way if I am still unsure about it. Through Can-sensei, I am also able to learn new things that I think I will never get to learn in a Japanese school such as sharing his knowledge about the language and the culture.

Another good thing I like about his lessons is that, as a non-native speaker, he understands the difficulty that students faced when learning the language better than native speakers. For example, two sentences having the same meaning but different in nuance. A native speaker may fail to explain the subtle difference between the two sentences. However, in Can-sensei lessons’ I am able to clearly understand the difference and in what sort of situation should I use these sentences. This is because sensei uses a mixture of different languages such as Mandarin, Japanese and English for his explanations.

To me, Can-sensei is an inspirational teacher that has always gone the extra mile to care for his students and I hope that one day I will be well-versed in the language as he is. I highly recommend his lessons/classes to anyone who want to learn the language.

-N. Tan
(Attend private lessons under Can)

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