Testimonial from student

Received a testimonial from a student. (^_^)
I have been attending classes at a beginner level from Can-sensei since June 2015 and I have never looked back since. My Japanese journey started off at the start of the year in my final semester at NUS, I started my search for a tutor soon after that and came across Can-sensei’s blog and information through HWZ’s learning Japanese thread. I was able to see the dedication in his answers to many of the thread posts which led to the decision of trying out his classes.

The classes are of small group size where everyone gets to participate in the reading passages, grammar and vocabulary practices. Can-sensei has a wide range of practices and teaching skills to not only help to understand the grammar points, but it is his extra pointers such as the “formal equivalent” of the phrase that is out of the syllabus that makes it motivating to keep on learning.

The other unique part of sensei’s classes is there is a chance for Japanese anime or drama fans to glee in joy as sensei will play an episode from there and picks out some new vocabulary for the class to digest. This is the closest we could get to our 会話 practices.

Bonding like a family is also something sensei promotes in his class. There are opportunities for dinners, movie meetings, exhibition and many others. It is a good chance not only to mix with our classmates but also people from other classes as well. Sensei also has designated seniors to each class to assist him in answering queries so as to leave no question unanswered as much as possible.

Overall, my experience in Can-sensei’s class has always been very fulfilling and I would recommend anyone who seeks to learn Japanese can come for a trial class to have a sense on how the lesson would flow.

By: Joel Mok
Student from Beginner 2 class




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