New Testimonials from students

Can-sensei’s lessons are very engaging. It is not uncommon for sensei’s students to be ex-students of certain institute or language centers. I used to study Japanese in Singapore Polytechnic but gave up even before I completed the first year. The lessons in SP were informative but the way the lessons were carried out was quite dry and monotonous. It was easy for me to lose interest very quickly.

Another good point of sensei’s lessons is that, as a non-native speaker, he understands our learning handicaps and capabilities better than some of the native speakers. Some nuances are lost, in translation/teaching, during institutional lessons because the teacher, who is a native speaker of the language, fails to translate the meaning of the words or sentences to our native language. With sensei, this does not happen because the lesson is conducted in a mixture of Japanese, Mandarin (for classes with only Chinese students) and English.

His lessons are sincere and passionate. I look forward to sensei’s lessons every week and when there is no lesson, I feel bored. To me, it is a good thing that sensei’s lessons are not rigid and though he conforms to a certain regimen for teaching, I feel that he brings something unique every chapter/lesson. Of course, his lesson is not limited to only the language but also the culture of and various insights to Japan.

Last but not least, I really feel that his pronunciation and accent of standard Japanese is great. It might feel a little weird, at first, to be corrected when you read aloud but you will experience the benefits of this when you speak in Japanese to a Japanese (especially when you go to Japan).

By: Christina Ng
Current student in Beginner class
Attended 20 sessions under Can
Was told by a few Japanese natives that her Japanese pronunciation
is very good.
Can-sensei is an experienced and passionate Japanese language teacher. Despite being a non-native Japanese teacher, Sensei is able to speak the Japanese language fluently. The lesson plan is well structured and reasonably paced. I find the lessons easy to follow and understand. In addition to the textbook learning, Sensei makes learning interesting by incorporating Japanese culture, songs and dramas into the lessons. Can-sensei is truly a motivated and dedicated teacher who takes his time to help all students. I highly recommend Can-sensei to all Japanese learners.

By: Andy Tay
Current student in Beginner class
Attended 20 sessions under Can
I requested Can-sensei to teach me after reading the good testimonials. He agreed to teach me without much hesitation though his schedule was tight. Not only he has to teach me through Skype as he is in Singapore and I am in Canada but also he has to wake up early on every Sunday to teach me due to the 16 hours time difference.

Can-sensei is very passionate about teaching. He teaches me patiently as I told him that I have the worst memory and the slowest learning person in the world. He enhances his lessons further by sharing the meaningful and supportive Japanese songs, TV drama and culture with me. He often emails additional notes, practices and information to help me to have better understanding in the language.
During the lesson, he demonstrates enthusiasm, passion, detailed, organizational and knowledgeable skills.   You can feel he loves teaching, he always go way and beyond to help and support youHaving Can-sensei as my teacher is a blessing for me.
Serene Heng
Private student from Canada
Attended 10 sessions under Can

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