Testimonial from student who passed N1

Received another testimonial from my student who passed N1 in July 2016.
Years of schooling have taught us that learning is boring and often done in a conventional classroom setting with many students.

If you think it’s the same for Can-sensei’s classes too, think again.

Can-sensei’s classes are very different from the conventional ones in school right from the start. In contrast to the large classes in which I’m used to, his classes are always kept small. The largest class I had attended so far had only 10 students including me. As a result, you’ll always be within 2-4 arms’ length away from Can-sensei, no matter where you sit.

With lesser students in a class, I had more chances to clarify any questions I had and in return, Can-sensei was able to pinpoint each student’s weaknesses and strengths more effectively. Every student had a chance to speak and read the passages aloud in every single lesson. That’s when Can-sensei will pay special attention to each and every student’s pronunciation and correcting them when necessary. It all paid off when native Japanese complimented on my pronunciation.

Classes are no longer dull with Can-sensei who strongly believes in learning beyond the textbook.

While I understand acing the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) is the primary goal for many, but like me, you’ll soon realize that there’s a limitation to what the JLPT syllabus is able to cover in real life. In fact, JLPT has also started to test on things outside the JLPT syllabus in the recent years too.

This is when Can-sensei’s lessons are put into good use. Can-sensei will not only cover the JLPT syllabus, but also teach beyond the textbooks in his lessons at the same time, by turning J-Pop songs, Japanese dramas, anime, games etc. into teaching materials.

As a result, Can-sensei’s lessons are highly entertaining and we can get to see for ourselves how the grammar and vocabulary we have learned in classes, can be used flexibly in real life situations. We also get to learn new vocabulary and grammar through it too.

Can-sensei also strives to teach Japanese as how they’re being taught in Japan and also sharing how it’s being taught in Singapore. Though both styles are noticeably different, we are free to adopt whichever way that is easier for us. Besides that, Can-sensei’s lessons also include a variety of topics such as Japanese culture, dissecting Japanese non-verbal communication like gestures and even Japanese dialects.

Although Japanese is one of the hardest languages to learn in the world, learning with Can-sensei has made my 6-year journey more fun and easier to absorb.

Learning Japanese with Can-sensei right from the start of my learning journey has also gave me a strong foundation which saved me a lot of time from correcting and strengthening my basics, something that many neglect when learning Japanese.

With Can-sensei as your Japanese teacher, I’m sure you’ll be able to achieve your dream of excelling in Japanese with his small classes, while building on your strengths and strengthening your weaknesses and also his comparatively all-round education in Japanese compared to other Japanese schools.

By: Vanora Poh
Student since 2010
Passed JLPT N1 in July 2016, with a score of 56/60 for Reading
Studied 6 years and 7 months under Can


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