New testimonial from student

Received a testimonial from student ——————————————————— If you are looking for a serious Japanese teacher, I can assure you that Can is above and beyond. In terms of teaching, Can is always open to questions and genuinely wants the best for his students. His dedication to teaching is exemplary and provides an inspiration for meContinue reading “New testimonial from student”

Determination wins the race.

This student of mine only started when the rest of the students were at Chapter 6, (not week 6). He has a lot of determination to want to do well and and now he’s one of the best in the class. ==================================================== I have been wanting to study the Japanese language for years but have beenContinue reading “Determination wins the race.”

New Testimonial from JLPT 2 passer

Received a new testimonial. =) ————————– I started attending Can sensei’s lessons in September 2012 shortly after passing my N3 exam. Sensei is able to explain grammar concepts effectively during class and gave us lots of exam tips. During the week before each JLPT exam, Sensei would station himself at the teaching location pretty muchContinue reading “New Testimonial from JLPT 2 passer”

Words of thoughts from 平気

みなさん、 こんばんは。 Today, i received words of thoughts from my class, 平気. Basically i asked them for a favour to tell me how they were like 8 weeks ago and how they feel 8 weeks now. Hope it provides some encouragement to not give up in learning Japanese. /Can ============================================== I had always wanted toContinue reading “Words of thoughts from 平気”

New Testimonial from student. (^_^)

皆さん、 こんばんは。 Another testimonial received from one of my N2 students. —————————————————————————– I had always wanted to study Japanese but wasn’t able to afford to as classes offered by schools outside are out of my budget. I had taken Japanese module for half a year as one of my subjects in poly but class wasContinue reading “New Testimonial from student. (^_^)”

New Testimonial from student

Received another testimonial from one of my students. ====================================== Taking lessons from Can sensei is not just about learning the language itself, but rather it’s an immersion program that encompasses language, culture, history, practical and business application. – Singing Japanese songs as a fun way of practicing the language – Watching Japanese drama to understandContinue reading “New Testimonial from student”


Can is not your average teacher that you would have expected from a classroom. Can exhibits his passion for the Japanese language, culture and teaching through his efforts to be engaging in his class and to make it lively. While your usual textbooks, worksheets, homework and periodic tests are expected, Can extends his teaching methodologyContinue reading “生徒からいただいた証言”

Testimonial from my (Please Do Not Touch) students

Got another testimonial from 2 of my private students. It’s been a great pleasure getting to know them and it’s them that i invented the “Please Do Not Touch” formula with. So what does Please Do Not Touch mean? Please->Plain form Do->Dictionary form Not->Nai form Touch->Ta form Plain form consists of Dictionary form, Nai formContinue reading “Testimonial from my (Please Do Not Touch) students”