New testimonial Received (^_^)

Another new testimonial received from student.
The class that Mr Hong is in, we are going to have a class gathering at an authentic Japanese restaurant. =)

I have always regretted not taking up Japanese as a third language in secondary school as the culture is fascinatingly unique. Like many well-traveled locals, I have been to Japan several times and appreciated the environment and food, but the language barrier has always been significant. I took up Can’s lessons after coming across his website online as it suited my schedule and budget. Can’s lessons are very reasonably priced. He teaches enthusiastically and his pacing is good for someone starting from scratch. Besides learning basic functional conversation, I have found myself miraculously able to read basic Japanese characters in a short span of two months despite just wanting to learn basic speech alone. My work schedule can be rather hectic and flexible but Can is able to kindly accommodate and provide follow-up coaching within reasonable limits and with prior notification. Can is competent in the teaching and writing of the language and can take your learning to advanced levels should you wish to progress far in the language. He is both a teacher and a friend and comes with highest recommendations.

By: Mr. Hong
Student from Beginner class

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