Thoughts of a student: “I’ve never regret meeting Can-sensei”

I came across Can-sensei website through a local forum, enquired about his classes and took up the beginner class he’s offering. The class that I’m attending consist of 6 of us, compared to a class of 10 or more, which Sensei is able to give us more attention and track our progress. A thing to note, which I’m happy that the class is “family-oriented”. We progress as a whole family, understand the lesson or tasks given to us and we move on to the next, which schools don’t offer.

Can-sensei is different compared to other teachers. He’s well informative, well versed in Japanese and takes care of his students as well. I’m able to understand his classes and he make’s sure that we understand the chapter before progressing to the next. He makes the class lively by introducing us songs and dramas and if we were to come upon a common interest, we’ll talk about it, etc.

To me, Can-sensei is both a sensei and a friend. I’ve never regret meeting him.

By: Bryson Wong
Currently in Beginner class

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