New testimonial from student

I have always had an interest in Japanese language since young. However lessons from popular language schools can be very expensive. Hence, I tried learning the language on my own by buying some textbooks and reading them on my own.  This task, however, proved difficult. Firstly, it is difficult to apply what you have learntContinue reading “New testimonial from student”

先生、Will you give up teaching me?

Today, i’ll like to share another story of one of my students. I hope this story will inspire all of you, who are studying Japanese to not give up. ================================================ Today, i was having my free supplementary class with one of my students. Suddenly, this question came out. “Sensei, will you give up teaching me?”Continue reading “先生、Will you give up teaching me?”

The journey of a student: Beyond the call of duty

Read on about the journey of one of my students, his Japanese journey is not the normal kind which people will experience. ======================================================================================== Learning anything is not easy. Be it games, school subjects or things of interest or for work. To learn both effectively and efficiently you need one, motivation, two, stimuli to keep thatContinue reading “The journey of a student: Beyond the call of duty”

Another touching testimonial… :'(

泣きたい!!! ============================================= I have been studying Japanese Language for about three years, but just joined Can sensei’s conversation class this year. I enjoy going for lesson every week as sensei’s class is never boring. Besides learning from notes, we get to learn through dramas, songs and games in class. Through sensei I get to know/Continue reading “Another touching testimonial… :'(“