New Testimonial from student. (^_^)



Another testimonial received from one of my N2 students.

I had always wanted to study Japanese but wasn’t able to afford to as classes offered by schools outside are out of my budget. I had taken Japanese module for half a year as one of my subjects in poly but class was done in a huge group and not even the bare minimum in Japanese writing system and grammar was taught. When my Japanese module ended, I decided to give Can a try after my friend recommended me to Can as the fees were way cheaper.

I wasn’t expecting much when I joined Can’s Japanese class more than 2 years ago back in February 2010. To my surprise, Can is an incredibly dedicated teacher who goes an extra mile to help students. I remember how Can will first check my level of understanding in Japanese so that he will be able to teach me better. This applies to other students in the class as well. Can is attentive to each and every student in the class, paying attention to their weakness and then strengthening on their weakness. For example, even though class is always done in a relatively small group, during times such as oral practices, Can will listen attentively to every single student’s pronunciation, then correcting them if necessary.

Can understands how hard it is to learn a new language and he is constantly searching for ways to enhance our learning experience. Class is always vibrant and lively with a lot of real life examples to help us remember the details better. Learning from textbooks alone is boring and Can makes learning Japanese fun by adding additional learning materials such as Japanese dramas and J-Pop songs. Plenty of exercises are given to ensure students understand the materials which are covered during lessons. Can will even go the extra mile in teaching stuff that are out of the textbook and applicable in the real life. For example, Japanese dialects and culture. You can be fluent in Japanese but you will be lost if you don’t understand some basics of their dialects when traveling to different parts of Japan or say, being rude without meaning to due to differences in cultures.

As long as you are serious and interested in learning, you can be assured Can will be able to answer any questions you have even after class. It’s rare to see such a teacher who is passionate about teaching and spreading his knowledge and love for Japanese these days, unlike some teachers will offer extra help or exercises once class ends. Building a strong foundation is extremely important and I’m truly glad I had taken Japanese class with Can.

By: Vanora Poh
Student in N2 Prep Class

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