Testimonial from my longest-staying student (6-7 years)

Having been a student of Can for the past years, I feel, I have nothing but praises for this exemplary teacher. Without his guidance, I feel, it may not be possible for me to have achieve a solid foundation of the Japanese language, much less maintain my interest in studying the language to a relatively high level. I have been interested in learning the Japanese language since I was young, due in no small part to the popular culture exports from Japan (think anime, manga and games). However, I could only start doing so when I entered my polytechnic course. And it was halfway through this polytechnic course, that I joined Can’s classes, which had been organised by the school’s Japanese Cultural Club (where I was a member). Since then, I had continued taking his classes, up till this very day.

Perhaps, I feel, one of the most interesting aspect I find about Can’s classes, would be that he is able to explain the various cultural points and nuances related to the Japanese language (e.g. respectful/polite/beautifying language, etc.). Such cultural nuances and points, that, unless one had been born into, or had been exposed to the culture since young, would have been difficult for “outsiders” to the culture to grasp, much less, master. Yet, despite being a fellow Singaporean, it seems that Can is able to master these areas, and put these across in a manner that a typical Singaporean like myself could understand, drawing upon the areas that are analogous between both cultures.

To add on, I find Can very accommodating to somewhat slower students such as myself. I have pretty much lost count of the number of times I had to request for him to re-explain certain points, as I was unable to grasp the explanation given on the first round (much to the chagrin of some of my faster classmates). Yet, always, he willingly accommodated my requests, and patiently went through those areas, until I have a pretty good idea on what it is about. That, and, his flexible style of teaching, where he would use a great variety of methods in explanations, which I find particularly helpful (different styles of explanations will have different levels of understanding for different people).

On top of these, I feel the various activities outside class that Can organises on a regular basis, does help a lot in maintaining one’s interest in the Japanese language and culture. Events, such as the annual Natsu-matsuri, and the like, in addition to trips to Japanese shops such as Kinokuniya and Meidi-Ya, and for some, a trip to Japan; all of these, I find, is his way of ensuring that all in his class shares his enthusiasm for the Japanese culture and language. It is indeed, his special way of motivating his students, which, will pretty much differentiate him, from other teachers of the language. Hence, to conclude, I would like to recommend Can’s classes, for all whom may be interested in the Japanese language.

Graduated from N1 Prep Class end Jun 2014
Currently in Business Japanese class

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