New testimonial from student

Received a testimonial from student
If you are looking for a serious Japanese teacher, I can assure you that Can is above and beyond. In terms of teaching, Can is always open to questions and genuinely wants the best for his students. His dedication to teaching is exemplary and provides an inspiration for me to try my best towards learning Japanese. For example, he goes out of his way (from the duties of a teacher) to try and motivate students to learn, and tries innovative methods like a senpai/kouhai (senior/junior) relationship network in order to get students to revise.

In terms of learning, I personally feel that I can always approach him at any time and get a satisfactory answer. Also, Can provides excellent materials from which you can revise (at least for my level, I can’t speak for the other levels). Moreover, Can tries his best to develop a connection with his students and I believe this personal connection allows students to be more comfortable in classes as opposed to a normal classroom setting. While I was a bit surprised at the “classroom” (it’s held in a café), it quickly drifted off my mind because I was busy asking questions and listening to the lesson.

All in all, if you are looking for a serious teacher who will try his best for his students, Can may be the one for you.

From : Darren Ang
Student from Intermediate class
Attended 10 lessons under Can

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