Words of thoughts from 平気



Today, i received words of thoughts from my class, 平気. Basically i asked them for a favour to tell me how they were like 8 weeks ago and how they feel 8 weeks now.

Hope it provides some encouragement to not give up in learning Japanese.

I had always wanted to study Japanese as I was always interested in the Japanese culture since young however I had always felt that classes conducted in schools were expensive and I did not know which was better. Thus, I began searching on hardwarezone to learn where the most effective place to learn the language was. Finally, I came across sensei’s posts on it and it seems a lot of people had positive comments about his teaching methods.

Thus, I then proceeded to find out more about sensei’s classes through his blog and I felt that the prices were quite affordable. I then finally decided to give it a shot and just try out for the foundation class. In the beginning, I just thought I wanted to try out the language and see how things go. However as time pass by, sensei is someone that I feel that really cares about each student’s learning capability. One example being is that I was quite poor in the language, thus he would often test me in the hiragana alphabets to make sure that I am competent in recognizing them. He would also try to peak our interest more in the Japanese by making us listen to music and watching Japanese shows.
After 2 months of attending his lessons, I can safely say that sensei has really helped me to maintain an interest through his passion in the language and I am more interested in the Japanese and more determined to learn it.

-Andy Kang
Although it has been a very short period of time under Can’s tutelage, I find his lessons very engaging compared to the classes I attended at a local language school previously. He teaches not only about the language but also exposes us to many aspects of the Japanese culture through music, dramas, anime & his personal experiences – this is something I definitely won’t get at school.

What I liked most about his lessons is the focus on conversational Japanese. He corrects your pronunciation/annotation and also ensures that nobody in the class gets left behind.

On the overall, I found the learning experience with him very different & enjoyable. I look forward for more to come & hope to be able to put whatever I learnt into good use on my next trip to Japan ^^

I studied Japanese a couple of years ago with one of the Japanese schools in Singapore. After losing touch with Japanese language for a few years, I decided to continue pursuing Japanese so that I can at least obtained a JLPT cert. I got to know about this Japanese class through “meet up” and decided to give it a try. Classes are much smaller than that in other language schools which in my opinion is good as everyone is given a chance in interact. Classes are interesting and much more interactive as compared to the school i attended before. Can-sensei also teaches things that are not taught in other schools which is very good in terms of understanding the Japanese culture more. The lessons are rather fast moving, which means that doing revision after the lesson is a must. Thus far, I’ll say that I thoroughly enjoyed Can-sensei’s lessons.

-Alicia Choo

8 weeks have passed, we have done numerous fun lessons with Can sensei.

Having no previous experience in attending Japanese lesson elsewhere, I do not have any gauge to compare Can sensei to. But I figure there’s no need to compare. For I enjoy attending his class and that’s that.

My interest in things generally fluctuates quite a bit. And that goes to say that my love for Japanese language too. On and off, I have been learning Japanese on my own for years but never have I committed to learning it in classroom for fear of losing interest in it along the way. So, 8 sessions passed, I find myself keeping up (minimally) with class, revision and such.

One of the greatest change after taking lessons with Can sensei is that I became more concerned about accent/pronunciation. And thats where the fun part begins. Because all of a sudden, I couldn’t help but to sharpen my ears to all the Japanese dramas and variety programs I watch. And it’s really fun to pick out things learned in class when enjoying the shows. Furthermore, Can sensei always make us speak in Japanese which is a little awkward for me but really beneficial.

Overall, lessons with Can sensei is really enjoyable. The atmosphere of the class is light and I feel at ease. My classmates from 平気 consist of a bunch of quiet but really nice people. So all is well. I look forward to class every week even if it means waking up early on Sunday mornings

Before I started my classes with Sensei, I was very excited to learn Japanese. Having just started my first job, I have quite some time for myself and decided I wanted to improve myself by learning a new language. The reason I chose Japanese was because I like their culture and attitude of perfectionism (well, that’s how I view them anyway!)

After having 8 weeks of classes so far, I can say that my willingness to learn Japanese has just increased. Sensei’s classes are fun and he makes sure that every one of us understands before we move on.

In my opinion, the pace is very good too. Not too slow that you’ll get bored, but not too fast as well that you’ll get lost. Another good thing about his classes is he teaches us things that would not be taught in other Japanese language classes (eg. Honne vs tatamae).

I’m very happy to have found Sensei’s classes, and will definitely be continuing my learning with him long-term.


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