Determination wins the race.

This student of mine only started when the rest of the students were at Chapter 6, (not week 6).
He has a lot of determination to want to do well and and now he’s one of the best in the class.

I have been wanting to study the Japanese language for years but have been hesitant due to limited free time being a student and hearing from some people that they have stopped lessons after a few months. I happened to come across Can sensei’s blog and seeing the class schedule which was weekly and that class fees were very reasonable, I decided to give it a shot and take his classes.

After a few 1-on-1 sessions, I joined one of the beginner classes which was already into the 6th week. During this time I was struggling due to lack of time to revise as I was working on an almost full-time schedule and having other trainings. Can sensei took note of this and gave me make-up lessons to revise in his free time, also giving me advice to manage my time after starting university. Today, I’ve been able revise regularly and able to keep up in classes.

The class I am in is definitely enjoyable with hardworking and positive classmates and makes it easy to speak due to the friendly environment. The correction on pronunciation gives us confidence in speaking the language and exposure to Japanese media such as dramas and music spur our interests in the culture as well. Also, with the assurance that I can continue taking lessons till N1, I am very much willing to continue my classes.

-Nic Lee Zhi Jian
Currently in Beginner 2 class
Attended more than 20 sessions


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