New testimonial from student

Hi all,

Received a new testimonial from a student.
I joined TLS in 2021 as a student taking one-to-one lessons with Can-sensei. I have had prior experience with Japanese but I was finding it difficult to progress past the barrier that many language learners encounter when they reach the intermediate stage. However, with Can-sensei I feel that I have been making real progress with the language.

With 14 years of experience, Can-sensei is an excellent teacher who is very knowledgeable about both the Japanese language and culture. Moreover, he understands the JLPT assessment and its marking style well, and I am confident that under his guidance I will be able to perform well in these exams. I also appreciate that he does not shy away from correcting the errors I make, which has given me an awareness of how I can improve.

A good aspect of the classes is Can-sensei’s flexibility and that he doesn’t rely too heavily on the textbooks. He frequently highlights important grammar points that are important in the higher JLPT levels and provides his own notes that expand on the material contained in the books. He is also able to refer me to useful resources to support my language learning outside of the classroom.

Even though my classes have been online, the quality of lessons I am receiving is on par with in-person teaching. Can-sensei has been able to accommodate my specific requirements as someone looking for a more intensive pace of lessons than is typically offered by language schools. He has also made arrangements to allow me to participate in weekly conversation sessions to practice my Japanese in a more relaxed setting with other students. Thus, I believe the one-to-one lessons have good value for money and come with ample opportunities to interact with other language learners.

As an individual, Can-sensei is warm and personable, and I very much enjoy our classes together. He has been accommodating of any requests I have, and has always taken the time to answer my questions. It is a relief to have found such a dedicated and kind teacher who I can entrust my learning to.

I would definitely recommend Can-sensei and TLS to anyone interested in learning Japanese.

Nicole Doyle
Private student
Finished Minna no Nihongo 1 in 13 lessons

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