New testimonial from student

Received a new testimonial from student
Can-sensei is a very special tutor. More like a friend. He is able to adapt to our individual needs to help us progress together in unison. His classes are structured, detailed and yet flexible and adapted to enable one’s quick understanding. He is very experienced and detailed in his teachings. The additional resources he points us to has been invaluable in my journey to understand not just the language but the culture as well.

I have taken classes in various schools like Pyaess and JCS in the 90s. I was also able to obtain a pass in the old system of the lowest JLPT4. However, I had no confidence to speak and can barely understand any spoken Japanese confidently. During a trip to Japan after only 4 lessons I found I was able to grasp the language a little more sensitively. I could see the progress in just that few lessons.

I could not have wished more from a teacher who is exceptionally gifted and passionate in imparting his love for the language and cultural.

By M.B
Private student



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