Planning to travel to Japan after COVID-19? Learning Japanese is a huge must!

Did you know? Every year, the top student of Tsubasa Language Services gets rewarded with a return trip to Japan! *shameless promotion* But before we get to that, I’d like to tell you why learning Japanese is so important, especially if you intend to travel ✈️ Getting around One thing I learnt from my travelsContinue reading “Planning to travel to Japan after COVID-19? Learning Japanese is a huge must!”

Trip Report: Osaka->Tokushima->Takamatsu->Okayama->Kobe->Osaka (Day 4: Shodoshima/小豆島)

みなさん、 こんばんは。 Day 4: Takamatsu/Kagawa prefecture (高松), so here goes. Our day was early. We left hotel at about 720am (bus was 730am) Cost us about 1400+ yen… Takamatsu station… Saw this post at the bread shop.. After unloading the luggage and facing a bad-tempered hotel staff, we headed for Shodoshima (小豆島) Boat ride toContinue reading “Trip Report: Osaka->Tokushima->Takamatsu->Okayama->Kobe->Osaka (Day 4: Shodoshima/小豆島)”

Trip Report: Osaka->Tokushima->Takamatsu->Okayama->Kobe->Osaka (Day 3: Naruto/Bizan)

みなさん、 こんばんは。 Here is what happened on Day 3 of our trip. Headed to Naruto. On the way there, we saw this sign (しあわせ一番町/The most Happy town) We decided to take a train there since we were a bit early… Saw this at the souvenir shop… After about a 30 mins journey, we finally reachedContinue reading “Trip Report: Osaka->Tokushima->Takamatsu->Okayama->Kobe->Osaka (Day 3: Naruto/Bizan)”

Trip Report: Osaka->Tokushima->Takamatsu->Okayama->Kobe->Osaka (Day 2)

みなさん、 こんにちは。 I am back with our Day 2 trip report. On Day 2, we took a bus bound for Tokushima (徳島/とくしま), which is one of the prefectures of the Shikoku (四国/しこく) region. Honestly speaking, our Shikoku part wasn’t well planned out, but we managed to have some fun riding an electronic scooter, which iContinue reading “Trip Report: Osaka->Tokushima->Takamatsu->Okayama->Kobe->Osaka (Day 2)”

Trip Report: Osaka->Tokushima->Takamatsu->Okayama->Kobe->Osaka (Day 1)

みなさん、 こんばんは。 While my student is off to somewhere to watch fireworks, i would be sharing with you guys where we went. So here goes. We took AK722 to KL, then waited for the morning to come before we set off to Osaka via the 8am flight. Upon reaching Japan, i needed to get theContinue reading “Trip Report: Osaka->Tokushima->Takamatsu->Okayama->Kobe->Osaka (Day 1)”

Best Student Award 2014: Vanora’s Trip Report: Day 1

Japan. Just that word is enough to send shivers down my spine. A country I long to visit since I was merely 12 years old or so. My reasons to visit Japan changed over the years. Starting off with my interest in anime and fashion subculture like many others. Although my interests changes over theContinue reading “Best Student Award 2014: Vanora’s Trip Report: Day 1”

1st Japan Trip report by Bryson-san (Beginner class)

みなさん、 こんばんは。Today, i have a trip report written by my student, whom i brought along to Japan last week. Following is his interesting trip report. If you desire to be part of this good family, don’t hesitate anymore. Contact us /Can __________________________________________________________ It was my very first trip to Japan, the country which I’ve yearnContinue reading “1st Japan Trip report by Bryson-san (Beginner class)”

How to plan for your trip to Japan

Hi all, To help fellow travellers, below guide on how to plan for your Japan trip/important information on where u can seek help (with pictures). Step 1: Planning 1.1: Check available airline timings via airline websites. 1.1.2 Identify needs to take domestic flights: See here Places that need to take domestic flights to: Hokkaido/Naha, OkinawaContinue reading “How to plan for your trip to Japan”

Great success: Japanese for Travel 1st lesson

みなさん、 おはようございます。 Yesterday (Thursday), i had my 1st Japanese for Travel lesson with 6 students (2 of them are current existing students). It was only the 1st lesson and 1 of them commented that it was very hard to pack such a special course into 3 lessons and i did a good job by writing myContinue reading “Great success: Japanese for Travel 1st lesson”