Trip Report: Osaka->Tokushima->Takamatsu->Okayama->Kobe->Osaka (Day 3: Naruto/Bizan)



Here is what happened on Day 3 of our trip.

Headed to Naruto. On the way there, we saw this sign (しあわせ一番町/The most Happy town)


We decided to take a train there since we were a bit early…


Saw this at the souvenir shop…

After about a 30 mins journey, we finally reached Naruto town…

Whole sightseeing map of Naruto town

Naruto town mascot characters

We then took a bus wanting to go to the German museum. But opps, we missed our stop…

In the end, we took a taxi over..

Lunch was sushi.

Can you read the signage?

Had tempura as well, as i am allergic to some seafood.

Off to see Naruto!

Tokushima Koibito

The sea…

The waves were very big, but we did not manage to see much.. even via the boat..

Bye Naruto… Didnt enjoy too much here except for the waves..

Gave a treat to my student…

Preparation for Awa Odori.

Do you guys know that Lime (すだち) is the famous food for Tokushima?

Up 眉山 (Bizan)

Night View of Tokushima

Then it was dinner time at my favorite Matsuya (680 yen)

We had melon for fruits for supper.

Day 3 gone just like that… Time flies so fast when you are travelling to another country…

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