Trip Report: Osaka->Tokushima->Takamatsu->Okayama->Kobe->Osaka (Day 2)



I am back with our Day 2 trip report.

On Day 2, we took a bus bound for Tokushima (徳島/とくしま), which is one of the prefectures of the Shikoku (四国/しこく) region.

Honestly speaking, our Shikoku part wasn’t well planned out, but we managed to have some fun riding an electronic scooter, which i will explain later in Day 4.

↓ was our breakfast for Day 2. St Marc’s croissant, one of the best croissants out here in Japan, i feel.




We also hanged out at one of the cafes while waiting for our bus.

Just look at the delicious looking cakes…

And the counter…

This was our bus to Tokushima, which costs 2300 yen if you book early enough. Your Japanese level should be about minimum N4 to book the tickets online.


The whole journey took about 2.5 hrs. ↓ was the parking area that we stopped halfway..

Here we are. Tokushima. We stayed in Toyoko Inn, which was about 5 mins away from Tokushima station.

Surroundings of Tokushima station.

For Day 2 lunch, we decided to settle for Tokushima Ramen.

You can read more about Tokushima Ramen here.

Tokushima Ramen (about 700-800 yen)

After lunch, we decided that we will roam around the city. For Tokushima, one of the best festivals that they have is Awa Odori. But too bad, we missed it by 1 week.

One of the spots: The Awa Odori Post box.

Another sightseeing spot: The place where they house the trains. Cant remember the name…

After walking around the town, we took a 3 hour train ride to another sightseeing place: Ooboke/大歩危 (おおぼけ)

On the way back, we passed by a weird museum…

How the road looked like…

While waiting for the train, i needed dinner. Past by one of the shops and bought a bento. What happened after that really shocked me. After the lady took out the bento from the microwave, the tomato sauce got onto my clothes, she actually brought me to the basin outside her shop, took some soap, washed the stain off for me. Not only that, afraid that i would be cold, she gave me 2 face towels and told me to put below my shirt, gave us 1 packet of tomato, which my student ate and sent us off to the train station (about 7 mins walk away). It made me realized that the countryside people are really much better than those in the city…

After another 2.5 hours journey back to Tokushima, we headed to another izakaya for supper.

The izakaya…. Tsukune (minced chicken meat ball)

Grilled chicken


Egg roll

Radish salad


Damage: about 3000 yen per person…

Really enjoyable day…

End of Day 2…



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