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Great success: Japanese for Travel 1st lesson



Yesterday (Thursday), i had my 1st Japanese for Travel lesson with 6 students (2 of them are current existing students). It was only the 1st lesson and 1 of them commented that it was very hard to pack such a special course into 3 lessons and i did a good job by writing my own textbook.

Another student commented that the class was very interesting and engaging.

I’ll do my best to give all these 6 students a good impression and a good take-away from the course. \(^_^)/

A good take away for today’s lesson.


新大阪へ (To Shin-Osaka)


答えは ↓



「見ざる、聞かざる、言わざる」/ see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.




面白いでしょう? =)

Design an itinerary for a 50 years old Singaporean couple going to Japan.

1. Budget: $2500
2. Cannot take Shinkansen.
3. Flight must be direct flight
4. Trip: 9 days
5. Must eat minimum of 10 Japanese cuisine/food
6. Theme parks are a no-no
7. Couple is more prone to nature.
8. Must visit at least 7 cities.
9. Hotel need not have breakfast, but must have places to eat breakfast
10. Couple needs Internet access.

Trip Report by Charles

Osaka (Day 1)

We arrived at the Kansai airport in Osaka in the morning. As we took an overnight flight, upon arrival we had to wash up in the airport’s toilet. After washing up and storing our luggage at the airport, we went to have lunch at Ichiran Ramen at Namba. The ramen there was simply heavenly, one of the best ramens I ever had. We then explored Osaka’s Denden town and also visited the hotel we’ll be staying during our last 2 days in Osaka. After that we headed back to the airport, collected our luggage and took a shutter bus to where we’ll taking our domestic flight to Tokyo. Due to heavy rain, the flight was delayed and we arrived at Tokyo quite late. We took the train somewhere and then took cab to our hotel. We left our luggage in the hotel and went to have supper at Matsuya. We then ended our first day in Japan.

Tokyo (Day 2 & 3)

We went to several places in Tokyo such as Asakusa, Shibuya, Akihabara, Shinjuku, Harajuku. The clothes here are really very fashionable and you can really get a lot of things from here as compared to the other parts of Japan. So if you want to buy any anime, clothes, accessories you should not hesitate to spend most of your allocated shopping money here. Meaning the amount of money you have set aside for spending aside from meals and accomodation etc. We also met Sensei’s Japanese friend and his ex student and tried conversing in Japan. Nic-senpai and I tried taking train on our own for the first time in Japan to meet Sensei and his friend at Akihabara, but we walked to the wrong station and got confused which line to take. We eventually figured our way to the correct station, at the same time we got to understand the railway system in Japan better. It was a bad and also good experience =)

Takayama, Shirakawago (Days 4 & 5)

We made our way to Shinjuku in the morning to take the bus to Takayama which was around 5.5 hours long! We stayed in a guest house for our 2 days there. There are around 6 single beds and 2 double beds in the big room. On the following day, we took a bus to Shirakawago. The place was very beautiful. It is very greenish and quiet with a lot of traditional houses. You can also spot some of them planting their own crops like fruits and vegetables. We climbed all the way up and witnessed breathtaking scenery from up high. We then head back to Takayama in the evening and visited an onsen and a game center.

Nagoya (Days 6 & 7)

We woke up early to catch our bus to Nagoya at 10am. We arrived at Nagoya around noon, left our luggage at the hotel and went to Sakae for lunch. We had miso katsu and it was delectable. I then explored the whole Sakae full of departmental stores, went to it’s Pokemon Center, Oasis 21, walked all the way to Fushimi station realizing there’s nothing along the way actually. I took a train from Fushimi station to Osukannon to visit the Osukannon temple as well as its shopping arcade which has nothing fascinating, then made my trip back to the hotel and met up with Sensei. He brought us to a restaurant/pub with unforgettable local special appetizer and chicken wing. The next day, sensei suggested we walk to Sakae station, 2 stations away, to take a train from there to Nagoya port to save money. It was quite a distance away considering I have walked from Sakae to Fushimi. It was also drizzling and the weather was so humid, definitely not a good choice to take a long stroll. Eventually I found out that the train fare from Sakae to Nagoya port is actually no difference of from Nagoya to Nagoya port. We visited Nagoya’s Aquarium and watched the spectacular dolphin show, afterwards the Nagoya Castle in the late afternoon. We then head back to Nagoya station in the evening to roam about, had dinner, and ended the day.

Osaka (Day 8)

We took the morning train from Nagoya to Osaka. We settled down at the hotel and spent half day our own personal time. I went to have lunch at Ichiran again because it is awesomely palatable and I’ll definitely be missing it when back in Singapore. I roamed the shopping street of Namba consisting of Shinsaibashisuji shopping street,Nankaidori shopping street, and Dotombori shopping street. Afterwards I took a train from Namba to Umeda. Walked around the place and visited the Pokemon Center there before I headed back to the hotel to reunite with Sensei. We went for dinner and met with Sensei’s another Japanese friends at Izakaya. We celebrated Nic senpai’s birthday and then sensei brought us to visit some secret place there. Then we ended our day.

Himeji & Kyoto (Day 9)

On our last day, Sensei brought us to Himeji area. Sensei and I did some hair grooming while Nic-senpai took a stroll towards Himeji Castle. We then went to Kyoto. Despite the rain, we managed to visit Fushimi Inari and Kiyomizudera. We headed back to Kyoto station with some personal time before we took the shinkansen back. I also learned about the “ekibento” which is very convenient for people to buy their meals and eat during their train ride. There is so many variety to choose from giving me a hard time choosing. The bullet train was so fast that I didn’t have enough time to finish my ekibento. We then needed to transit to another train back to our hotel to pick up our luggage before we take a train to the Narita Airport. However there is a delay due to the rainy weather which is common during rainy days as the rail tracks are really old, the trains have to slow down to avoid breaking them. Time passes so fast that it’s time for me to leave Japan already. I don’t want to go back to Singapore T.T I’m so glad to have been on this trip, as Sensei brought me to try so many delicious Japanese food and visited so many places. I feel that the most important thing you need to know to explore Japan is to understand it’s train system. As they have very broad and complicated train system as compared to Singapore, you will not be able to conveniently travel from places to places if you can’t understand their train system, as well as their various mode of transport, whichever is cheaper and more time efficient. I will definitely visit Japan again to explore more places of interest and learn more of their culture as well as shopping ^^

Trip Report by Nic Lee

The trip report by one of my students – Nic Lee

Osaka, Tokyo (Days 1 to 3)

We reached Kansai airport in the morning. After washing up and storing our luggage at the airport, we headed to Osaka as we had time before our flight to Tokyo where our hotel for the first 3 nights was. We went to Namba and walked around Den Den Town, was a fairly eventful day.

For the next 2 days, we went to a number of places in Tokyo such as Asakusa, Shibuya, Akihabara and Shinjuku. One of the highlights for me during these few days was being able to watch a Pro Wrestling show live at the Seibu Dome, being an avid fan and a wrestler myself.

We were also able to meet with some of Sensei’s Japanese friends and converse to them in Japanese. On day 2, Charles and I had to take the train for the first time on our own to meet Sensei and his friend at Akihabara. We actually walked to the wrong station and were then unsure of which line to take. It was definitely not a good experience, but we did understand the train transport system a little better and become more confident to travel on our own.



Takayama, Shirakawago (Days 4 & 5)

On day 4 morning, we headed to Shinjuku to take the bus to Takayama, which was 5.5 hours long, not including the delay on the way. For the next 2 days, we stayed at a guest house. On the next day (Day 5), we took a bus to Shirakawago, a place with beautiful scenery and traditional houses. We spent the rest of the day around Takayama, including an onsen and a game center.


Nagoya (Days 6 & 7)

Nagoya was our next destination for days 6 & 7. After reaching Nagoya in the day time by bus, Charles and I walked around Sakae, an area with mainly department stores, individually.

Day 7 was one of the more eventful days for this trip, covering the Port of Nagoya’s Aquarium and Nagoya Castle.


Osaka (Day 8)

Day 8 was spent with half a day of personal time, during which I walked around Namba, Shinsaibashi and Umeda. For the evening, we met up with another Sensei’s Japanese friends and had dinner at a Izakaya.


Himeji & Kyoto (Day 9)

On our last day, I took a stroll towards Himeji Castle while Sensei and Charles went to do some stuff.

Having half a day before our flight back to Singapore, we went to Kyoto where we spent a few hours, going to Fushimi Inari and Kiyomizudera. Although the time spent was really short, Kyoto has been one of my favourite destinations for this trip due to the elements of Japanese culture that got me interested in learning Japanese.

pic8 pic9

In this trip, I managed to try many Japanese food, all of which I really enjoyed and would like to try again. The biggest takeaway from this trip, for me, was the understanding of taking the train which would surely be useful in my future trips. I definitely cannot wait to go again, to explore more.