Trip Report: Osaka->Tokushima->Takamatsu->Okayama->Kobe->Osaka (Day 1)



While my student is off to somewhere to watch fireworks, i would be sharing with you guys where we went.

So here goes.

We took AK722 to KL, then waited for the morning to come before we set off to Osaka via the 8am flight.

Upon reaching Japan, i needed to get the exchange voucher for our Nankai train ride to Shin-Imamiya (新今宮) which i bought from Klook.

Then i found out that the counter is on the North Arrival Gate of the airport…. almost missed my train to Shin-Imamiya.

This is the Nankai station as shown below.

Inside the train (originally costs 1400+ yen)…

Ordered a bunch of pens for my students to do flash cards of particles and question words.

It was my birthday, so the stationery came in the below package…

One of the drinks that i like to drink when i am in Japan…

We headed off to Den-den Town (about 15 mins walk from our hotel) and went into animate..

And my favourite: Kotobukiya…

My student and i decided that we will have a good meal on the 1st night… so we went to an Izakaya (いざかや) to have our meal.

And of course, who would forget the famous Dotonbori (道頓堀)

This eye mask was used by my elder sister and i when we were taking turns to look after my aunt in the ICU…

You guys should give it a try.

Headed to Pablo to try some food.

My green tea tart was a bit crushed, but still tasted very nice.

Will be back for more report on day 2. =)


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