Buying things (Part 1)

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This is a repost of what i did few years ago. I would like to share with you all how to buy things in Japanese.
すみません. (Su-mi-ma-sen/ Excuse Me)
これ/それ/あれ を ___________   ください (kore / sore/ are   o  ________kudasai )
Give me _________ of this/that/ that thing over that (far from you and the listener)

これ: ko-re /this
それ: so-re / that
あれ: a-re / that thing over there (not near to you or listener)
ひとつ: hi-to-tsu/ one
ふたつ: fu-ta-tsu / two
みっつ: mi-ttsu / three
よっつ: yo-ttsu / four


これ を よっつ ください。 (kore o yottsu kudasai/ Give me 4 of this)

それ を みっつ ください。 (sore o mittsu kudasai/ Give me 3 of that)

For different items, there are different counters. For now, you can use the above first. We will learn more later. (^_^)
Usually Japanese will take the calculator and show you how much you need to pay.

Asking for Directions

Hi all,

This is a previous repost that i did a few years ago.
すみません. (Su-mi-ma-sen/ Excuse me)
道に迷いました。 (mi-chi  ni  ma-yo-i-ma-shita / I am lost)   / Optional to say
______(Place that you wish to go) まで どうやって 行きますか。
(_________(Place that you wish to go)  ma-de  dou-yatte   i-ki-masu ka / How do i get to _______)

すみません。 (su-mi-masen / Excuse Me)
道にまよいました。 (michi-ni-ma-yo-i-ma-shita / I am lost)
しんじゅくまで どうやって いきますか (shinjuku ma-de  dou-yatte iki-masu ka / How do i get to Shinjuku?)

You might hear words like ひだり (hidari / left)   ,   みぎ (migi / right) ,  まえ (mae/ front)  , うしろ (ushiro / back) ,
あがって (a-ga-tte / go up) , まがって (ma-ga-tte / turn) , つきあたり (tsu-ki-atari / end of the street) ,
わかりません (wakarimasen/ i don’t know)

Once you are done, don’t forget to say ありがとうございました (a-ri-ga-tou  go-zai-ma-shita)  (^_^)

How to introduce yourself in Japanese

Hi all,

This is a revisit of the post that i did a few years ago.
In lesson 1, i’ll be sharing how can we do a self introduction in a humble manner. (^_^)
This is how it goes.

はじめまして (Ha-ji-me-ma-shi-te / How do you do?)
_____(your name) と申します (__________ to mou-shi-masu / I am called __________)
よろしく おねがいいたします。 (Yo-ro-shi-ku o-ne-gai-ita-shi-masu / Please take care of me)


はじめまして (Ha-ji-me-ma-shi-te)
ケン と申します (Ken to mou-shi-masu)
よろしく おねがいいたします。 (Yo-ro-shi-ku o-ne-gai-ita-shi-masu)

If you watch youtube videos from Japanesepod101, etc, you would notice that
they will tell you to say 「わたしは________です」 (watashi wa _______ desu) in the second line,
「どうぞ よろしく」 (douzo yoroshiku) in the third line.

What i am teaching here is the humble way of introducing yourself in Japanese.
i feel it will impress the person that you are speaking to when you are able to use this way of introducing yourself.
Do feel free to send your recording of your voices to me and i’ll be glad to correct you if needed.

Have a good day!

JLPT Results (Jul 2019)

Hi all,

Am happy to announce my JLPT results for the various levels.

N1: 1/1 passed (Top score: 119/180)
N3: 1/1 passed (Top score: 126/180)
N4: 3/3 passed (Top score: 138/180)
N5: 14/16 passed (Top score: 180/180 x 2 students)

Congratulations to all who passed. 1st time i see N1 with 119/180. If you have not checked your results, head to here to check them.


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