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Reflection for 2019

2006 Jan, I embarked on this never-ending journey to learn Japanese. Despite opposition from my family, with a lot of hard work and money earned from my work, I am able to travel to Japan many times
(this is my 40th trip to Japan), am able to understand what is written on the signboards and am able to order the food that I want to eat with ease.Learning Japanese also allowed me to meet many like-minded people. For some, it has allowed me to call them my close friends, and for some, to have the chance to teach them this beautiful language.What has learning Japanese done for you?




I am on a normal train from Nagoya to Osaka, then to a new prefecture, Tottori.

Yesterday, I had the chance to go to my sensei’s place to cook chicken rice for her family.

Quite satisfied, although we put too much chicken stock for the rice.

For the vegetables, we used 小松菜(こまつな).

As this period is 年末、there are lots of people who are going back to their hometown to celebrate the new year. Just look at the crowd at 8am.

As I finish the trip with Tottori and Okayama, I hope to reflect on 2019 and what I want to do for 2020: to bring more students to enjoy Japan and to integrate Japanese and psychology to our courses.

Hope you all have a good new year.


Buying things (Part 2)

Dear all,

This is a repost of what i did a few years back.


いくらですか (i-ku-ra de-su ka/How much is it?)
その値段はちょっと。。。(sono nedan wa chotto…./That price is a bit…)
ちょっと負けてください。。。(chotto ma-ke-te ku-da-sai /Please give me a little discount)

In most big department stores, you can get a tax refund if the price exceeds 5,000/10,000 yen. But most of the time, there’s isn’t. So be thankful if they give you a discount and say ありがとうございます (a-ri-ga-tou go-zai-ma-su) (^_^)