JLPT After thoughts

Hi all,

How was the paper today?

Today i went to support my N4/N5 students in the morning and took N1 in the afternoon with my students.

This year, i felt the level for N1 has dropped a bit. Some of the words in question 1 and 2 are testing N2 words. For grammar, a lot of N4/N5 stuff were tested. My student who studied cram with me for 2 months told me that Paper 1 was easy for him. But listening was difficult.

According to my students, N4 was relatively easy, N5 was a bit difficult.

All in all, what i want to say is that as you progress up to the higher levels, do not forget your fundamentals. If not you will never know that to even attempt the higher levels, you need the knowledge from the lower levels.  That is also why i always want my students to get at least 85% for N4 and N5 before they do N2.

Do contact me if you are having difficulties and i will see how i can help you achieve what you want.

Worked from 7am to 10pm



Hi all,

About another 1 more month to JLPT. Are you guys prepared?

As usual, i will be posting my tips on JLPT 2 days before exam.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions on any grammar, please feel free to put a comment here and i will explain.



Thoughts about JLPT today

Hi all,

How was JLPT today?

Today, i had the chance to take N4 with my students today and had other students taking N1-N5…

I personally feel that the level difficulty is so-so, but the qns are a bit tricky. For those taking N1, N2, dont forget to revise your basics, especially your adverbs.

I was quite happy that some of the points that i spotted came out… N1 is a bit easier than last year, based on what my students told me. N2 is a bit harder on the listening section.

Don’t forget to revise, revise, revise!

It’s been a long day for me, woke up at 545am and just ended work now.

If you have any personal questions like how to improve various sections, drop me an email. No charges. Just want to help a fellow 後輩. =)




Thoughts about JLPT

Dear all,

How was the JLPT last weekend?

I took the JLPT with my students last week and felt that overall the standards have went up. You will see N1 vocabulary on a N3 paper, N4 vocabulary on N5 paper, etc, etc.

I want to write more tonight but i am still on a sabbatical holiday now.

Nonetheless i just wanted to update you guys via a short note on the JLPT.

Kindly check back on Fri night for the updated post.

Saw some N4 stuff tested in N5, for example.


Subsequently, saw some N3 stuff tested in N4.

Tested N1 vocabulary and some N2 vocabulary.

Listening seemed to be more difficult than the rest. I thought it was quite easy though.

Some words tested were outside of N1 syllabus.
The star questions seemed to be a bit tricky…

Overall, i feel that foundations are very important in passing N1 and N2. If your foundations are not good, why not take a look at my Beginner and Intermediate classes?
They are more in depth that what you learn in school, of course in terms of difficulty, it would be more difficult, but it will help as you move towards the higher levels.

An example of what my students study for Conditional-form would be as follows:

Do take a good break this month and start working hard again in Jan. If you feel like you are not sure how to improve or where you are weak in, drop me an email via here .



After JLPT… What’s next?

Hi all,


How did you guys find the paper?

Although i didn’t take the paper, i was there to support my students.

So guys, what’s after JLPT?

One phrase, Back to Basics.

Foundation is very important. Some students that i speak to, they just want to get their N2 or N1, but they never realized what is important is their foundation (N4 and N5). N3,N4,N5 can pass, then when they take N2, they realized it’s a different game altogether.
You can try a mock test on the official JLPT website (just Google JLPT).

So what if you pass JLPT N1 or N2? Companies will recognize it when they see your resume. However, its a different story altogether if you can’t speak. You will straight away fail the interview.

I really hope the organizing institution can review to have a Oral component for JLPT, then we will see how many can really get N1 or N2, like what they have for GCE O Level Japanese.

Click to access 186377-november-2014-question-paper-2.pdf

Click to access 186379-november-2014-question-paper-4.pdf

I would like to offer a few pointers for those moving on to the higher levels (N1-N3):

1) Firm up your foundation grammar (minimum must get 90% and above for N4 and N5 mock test paper).

2) Practise heavily on your noun-modification (名詞修飾形) , Refer to here , Lesson Summary Chapter 22 done by my student. Last modification on the last page is not correct, but process is correct. You need to know what verb,adjective is modifying which noun.

3) Practise heavily on your forms

Feel free to drop me an email if you do need advice with your Japanese studies.
For now, give yourself a pat on the back.

See you guys again in December.



JLPT Sharing session with Japanese Meetup members



Today, i had a chance to share about N1 and N2 for 3 hours and the responses were really great! I shared about the new JLPT system, how to score, the order you should be doing your questions and how to overcome your weaknesses in the language.

「今日のイベントは良かった。ありがとう。」 -Adrian Kohさん
「いい勉強になりました!ありがとうございます!」 -Solomon Ng
「ありがとうございます。役に立ちます!^_^」 -Ashlee Goh
「色々習いました!先生のおかげで合格できる自信がアップされました。(笑)」 -Clara

Event is held once a year in June to help those taking JLPT.

Next week, we will have the JLPT N4/N5 one. For further details, pls refer to this link

Another free event that i will be hosting is this . Please feel free to sign up if you are interested.




JLPT is approaching



JLPT is approaching. Are you guys excited? This time round, i will be taking JLPT N1 with my students to see the level of the exam.

JLPT tips will be published and i assure you that some of my tips will come out (at least for N4 and N5 level)

Pls continue to work hard and pass your JLPT.

Tips will be published on 4th Dec night (GMT+8), so mark your calendars. =)