JLPT After thoughts

Hi all,

How was the paper today?

Today i went to support my N4/N5 students in the morning and took N1 in the afternoon with my students.

This year, i felt the level for N1 has dropped a bit. Some of the words in question 1 and 2 are testing N2 words. For grammar, a lot of N4/N5 stuff were tested. My student who studied cram with me for 2 months told me that Paper 1 was easy for him. But listening was difficult.

According to my students, N4 was relatively easy, N5 was a bit difficult.

All in all, what i want to say is that as you progress up to the higher levels, do not forget your fundamentals. If not you will never know that to even attempt the higher levels, you need the knowledge from the lower levels.  That is also why i always want my students to get at least 85% for N4 and N5 before they do N2.

Do contact me if you are having difficulties and i will see how i can help you achieve what you want.

Worked from 7am to 10pm

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