JLPT Levels: What do they test you on?

Dear all,

Someone ever asked me before, why do i need to take JLPT N5? I would like to take this chance to clear some doubts.

Every level of JLPT tests you on different areas of the language. The below is based on my personal and students’ experiences of taking the exam.

N5: Ability to use correct Japanese particles in sentences, basic Japanese vocabulary, basic usage of forms like te-form, nai-form, dictionary-form, ta-form and masu-form, usage of time, date, usage of adverbs, Japanese greetings

N4: Ability to identify usage of transitive/intransitive verbs, potential/passive/volitional forms sentence structures, usage of similar vocabulary (e.g ごはんをたべる vs 食事), basic usage of Keigo (not in recent years), usage of time, date, usage of Japanese adverbs

N3: Intermediate level Japanese vocabulary, Ability to read composition on people, simple official notices, Keigo, causative passive form, ~そうです, conversational sentences

N2: Understanding of basic-intermediate Japanese grammar, Ability to read Japanese newspaper articles, official notices, understand simple business conversations, usage of Keigo, causative passive form
usage of Japanese particles in sentences.

N1: Understanding of basic-advanced Japanese grammar, ability to read complex Japanese newspaper articles, official notices, understanding complex business conversation, usage of Keigo and business Japanese phrases, usage of Japanese particles in sentences, overall understanding in Japanese.

Hope it will allow you all to make a more informed choice of why each level is important. Skipping a level would mean that you would not be able to be tested in the required topics.

For more information, please refer to here


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