Thoughts about JLPT today

Hi all,

How was JLPT today?

Today, i had the chance to take N4 with my students today and had other students taking N1-N5…

I personally feel that the level difficulty is so-so, but the qns are a bit tricky. For those taking N1, N2, dont forget to revise your basics, especially your adverbs.

I was quite happy that some of the points that i spotted came out… N1 is a bit easier than last year, based on what my students told me. N2 is a bit harder on the listening section.

Don’t forget to revise, revise, revise!

It’s been a long day for me, woke up at 545am and just ended work now.

If you have any personal questions like how to improve various sections, drop me an email. No charges. Just want to help a fellow 後輩. =)



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