Thoughts about JLPT

Dear all,

How was the JLPT last weekend?

I took the JLPT with my students last week and felt that overall the standards have went up. You will see N1 vocabulary on a N3 paper, N4 vocabulary on N5 paper, etc, etc.

I want to write more tonight but i am still on a sabbatical holiday now.

Nonetheless i just wanted to update you guys via a short note on the JLPT.

Kindly check back on Fri night for the updated post.

Saw some N4 stuff tested in N5, for example.


Subsequently, saw some N3 stuff tested in N4.

Tested N1 vocabulary and some N2 vocabulary.

Listening seemed to be more difficult than the rest. I thought it was quite easy though.

Some words tested were outside of N1 syllabus.
The star questions seemed to be a bit tricky…

Overall, i feel that foundations are very important in passing N1 and N2. If your foundations are not good, why not take a look at my Beginner and Intermediate classes?
They are more in depth that what you learn in school, of course in terms of difficulty, it would be more difficult, but it will help as you move towards the higher levels.

An example of what my students study for Conditional-form would be as follows:

Do take a good break this month and start working hard again in Jan. If you feel like you are not sure how to improve or where you are weak in, drop me an email via here .


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