JLPT Results Post Review

Dear all,

Went to retake the N2 exam with my students and got my 1st highest N2 result!

This time round, i can safely say that the marks were heavily moderated (estimated about 10 marks)

I.e if you are getting around 150, your actual score in the exam is around 140.

If you are interested to find out more about how JLPT is marked, please sign up for my free session located here.

My students did not do so well for this July, but i think they did their best and hope that they can do better for Dec.

N1: 1/4 pass (1 student failed by 3 marks)
N2: 1/4 pass (exclude myself)
N3: 1/1 pass
N4: 1/1 pass
N5: All pass (Highest score: 164/180, 2nd highest score: 162/180)

Let me know how did you guys fare.


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