JLPT Afterthoughts



Its my usual post after working from 7am to now, taking exams with the students and stuff.

This year, i took N4 with my students and was quite glad to say that a lot of N5 questions came out. My students did N5.

For those thinking of attempting higher level tests like N1 and N2, please do note that basic questions like transitive verbs and intransitive verbs are still being tested in the exam. If you are having issues with beginner/intermediate Japanese, now is a very good time to revise.

Also, as you move up the ladder, always ask yourself, “Why am i taking JLPT for?”, “What do i hope to do in the future?”, etc.  JLPT is ultimately just an exam that tests your written proficiency, not your spoken proficiency. Even if you passed N1, it would be before long that you understand your journey with the language has just begun. Even for me, while i am still teaching Japanese, i am still learning the various vocabulary.

Without understanding foundation grammar, it would be hard for you to pass JLPT with good results. 一緒にがんばりましょう!

Enjoy this song! お疲れさまでした!


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