Trip report by Ling-san

Below is the trip report by Ling-san, best student for 2013.
Starting this year, all Intermediate students will have a chance to go to Japan on an subsidized excursion.
What are you waiting for?
My 1st trip in Japan, Feb 2014

Since youth, I was interested in Japan and wish to travel to Japan one day.  Finally, my dream came through, and most excitement thing was that I was able to use Japanese language that I learnt for my first trip in Japan.

On 22nd Feb, together with Sensei and Tetsu-san, we started our flight from Singapore to Osaka transited in KL.  It was almost 12 midnight while we checked in the hotel in Osaka.  We managed to have our dinner/supper which bought from nearby minimart.  The place was deadly quiet at this hour.

After 3 to 4 hours of short rest, we headed to take a flight to Tokyo.  During this period, the timing was so important that we could not afford to hesitate.  Only got relieved while arriving at the destination.  Hotel that we stayed in Tokyo was quite reasonable.  It might looked old, but was comfortable, convenience for shopping and moreover not far from the Airport.

While in Tokyo, we mainly visited Asakusa Temple, China Town, Cup Noodle Museum.  Lots of tourists visiting the temple were sincerely prayed for whatever they wished.  I also prayed for safety journey and I received a good one indeed.  I studied about history of instant noodle from textbook.  So while in the Cup Noodle Museum, I felt joyful during the process of decorating and making own cup noodle.  What a rare experiment.  Not only sightseeing, we tried delicious Japanese food and desert, meeting friends, strolling casually at Gizan territory, witness the biggest Traffic Junction in Japan.  Crowds of people and tourists could be seen here and there, we had to walk side by side in order not to get lost.  Unlike Singapore, people in Tokyo were mostly stylish dressed, due to cold weather all were covered with thick clothing.  During peak hour, most of the people were rushing for train.

On 25th Feb early in the morning, after parting with Sensei, I myself took a train to Tokyo Airport.  I met a friendly and helpful Osaka lady, Akita Asami-san.  Both of us took the bus from T1 to T2, took the same flight to Osaka.  She was just returned from India.  We chit-chat throughout the journey in Japanese Language, Mandarin and English.  Common language made no barrier.  Though just a short moment, I would not forget this kind and adventurous lady.

After arriving at Osaka Airport, I was heading to the Hotel which located at Shinimamiya.  Because of excitement and uncertainty, I alighted twice during the trip. By the time I checked in the hotel it was almost 3pm.  Due to time limitation, the rest of the day, I just strolled at neighborhood, dropped by a superstore to buy some omiyage and entered a small restaurant to get myself 1 set of tonkatsu.  For safety precaution, I stayed whole night in the hotel and had a good rest.   Because of that, I found myself refresh when returned to my hometown.

Travelling in Japan is a great experiment.  Because of well planning by Sensei, with his guiding and explanation, I am not only got to know many interests of the places, but also learnt a lot of travelling tips.  For example, how to make a good plan before travelling to several places by train, the necessary precaution  in travelling, etc.  To me, this is really a fruitful and knowledgeable trip, hopefully to have another trip in near future.

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