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New class: Learning Japanese Culture using Japanese

Hi all,

I will be starting a new class on Learning Japanese Culture using Japanese.

Starting Date: 21st Feb 2018 (Wed)
Time: 830pm-10pm
Fees: $300 for 10 lessons (Total duration: 40 lessons)
Minimum Level required: N4

Japan as a Country
City life/Country life
Getting around Japan
Eating in Japan
Yearly Events
Japanese History
Experience traditional culture
and lots more

New course: Fly into Japanese culture: SGKARA (Beginner)

Dear all,

I am teaming up with a native Japanese teacher to offer the above course. We are currently doing course preparation. This course would be taught in both English and Japanese.

Following are the tentative details:

Day/time of lesson: Mon 7-8pm/8.30pm
Location: near Buona Vista/Clementi area
Slots: 6
Fees: $200 for 10 lessons/term (Total of 3 terms)
Textbook: $15
Tentative start date: Aug 2017

Some of the topics include the following:

  1. Culture about Japanese Family
  2. Education System in Japan
  3. Religion
  4. Japan National Anthem
  5. Kabuki
  6. Technology in Japan
  7. Habits of Japanese people

This is a good course for those who want to know more about the Japanese culture, but at the same time, don`t want to learn about the language.

For early birds, we will be offering some discount, please drop us an email for details.

Why is 日本 called にっぽん?



Today i am going to share something about culture.

Sometimes you will notice that 日本 is called にっぽん (Nippon)? Why is that so?

Actually the original name for 日本 was called 日本国、in AD 701, 日本 was enacted to be used.

In government agencies, it’s quite frequent that you will see にっぽん instead of 日本 being used. Apart from that, during sports competition with foreign countries, Japanese will use にっぽん when cheering for their home team.


シンガポールに帰国、スウェーデン人の友達の到来 (Got back to SG, The arrival of my Swedish friends)




つい、金箔になりました。<笑> あと、ずっとお世話になってるスタイリストから新しい単語「だてめがね」を習いました。ありがとうな、M-さん。

けど、僕の生徒はちょっと運が悪かったです。耳が少し切られて、出血しました。僕の生徒の耳を切ったスタイリストはただ「すいません」だけと言いましたが、悪いことをしてなかったM-さんは5回ぐらい僕に詫びて、「申し訳ない」、『謝ることしかできません」と言って、彼の行動に感心を余儀なくされた (N1級の文法)。

皆さんはどうしてSuntec Cityがいつつのビルがあるかご存知ですか。明日答えを発表します。
Evening everyone,

Got back to Singapore on Friday night. A bit tired. Today, i went to welcome my Swedish friends. Just got back. They came from such a faraway place, that’s y i felt very happy.

From today, i will show them around Singapore. As much as possible, i will update my blog. Am thankful to all of you who are reading my blog.

OK, so previously, i talked till Kyoto. After that, on Thursday, i went to the salon that i like and got my hair dyed. Now my hair is gold.
And, i also learned a new word [date megane/glasses for show] from my hairstylist that always help me with my hair. Thanks, M-san.

But my student was kinda in bad luck. His ear got cut a bit and there was blood. The hairstylist that cut my student’s ear just said [suimasen], but my hairstylist apologized to me 5 times. saying stuff like [i am sorry for the mistake], [i can only apologize]. Was admired by his act.

Do you know why there are 5 buildings in Suntec City? Tomorrow i will announce the answer.
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お帰り日本4: 東京伝記 (上野、秋葉、新宿、池袋)



Good morning everybody.
Tonight, i am going back to Osaka. The day before yesterday, i met my Finnish friend and other friends. Went to different places.

Going to check out in 2 hours time. So pls do enjoy the pictures first.

If you want to buy cheap electronics.

New train

新幹線 till 京都パート1:清水寺 (Till Kyoto with Shinkansen Part 1: Kiyomizudera)



恋人同士はそこで縁結びのお守りを買ったり、好きな人と幸せになると願ってやまない(N1級の文法) 絵馬を描きます。


今度、チャンスがあれば、京都に行って、清水寺のお水を飲んでみてください。 (^_^)

Good morning everyone.

Have you been to Kyoto before? Kyoto was once the old capital of Japan.
Today, i’ll like to introduce Kyoto. Talking about Kyoto, there’s a lot of temples and shrines.
For example, the most famous temple, Kiyomizudera, the shrines with lots of torii, Fushimi Inari Shrine and Gion.

It is heard that couples often like to go to Kiyomizudera. Over there, there is a shrine, Jishu Shrine which you can pray for marriage.
Over there, couples will buy amulets for marriage, write Ema to pray for happiness with their loves ones.

Not only that, Kiyomizudera also has a waterfall called Otowa waterfall. The water from the waterfall will be split into 3. If you drink the various water from the streams, it is said that you will receive long life, success in school and happiness in love life.

The next time, if you have the chance, go to Kyoto and drink the water. (^_^)

音羽滝 (The Otowa waterfall) /Rights belong to

清水寺/ Kiyomizudera

地主神社/Jishu Love Shrine (Rights belong to

恋愛のお守り (Rights belong to Jishu Shrine)

お帰りなさい編その6: 東京に到着!お台場 (Odaiba)


おはようございます。東京のお台場を聞いたことがありますか。お台場は東京の近くの人工島です。お台場はいろんなみられることや、買える物があります。例えば,自由の女神像や、超大きなガンダムの像やレインボーブリッジが見られます。お台場を東京につないでいる電車の名前も面白いですよ。「ゆりかもめ」です。ちょっと変じゃないですか。 今度、東京にいたら、お台場を忘れずに、是非そちらへ行ってみて、自由の女神像やガンダムの像の写真を撮ってみてください。必ずいい思い出が作れます。 =)
Good morning everyone.
Have you all heard of Odaiba? Odaiba is a man-made island near Tokyo. Odaiba has various things to eat and buy. For example, the Statue of Liberty, a super big Gundam statue and the Rainbow Bridge. The name of the train that connects Odaiba to Tokyo is also interesting. It’s called Yurikamome (black-headed gull (Larus ridibundus); hooded gull). Isn’t that strange?  The next time you are in Japan, don’t forget about Odaiba, go there and take a look and take pictures of the status of Liberty and the Gundam statue. I believe it will become a good memory. =)

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