New testimonial from student

I have always had an interest in Japanese language since young. However lessons from popular language schools can be very expensive. Hence, I tried learning the language on my own by buying some textbooks and reading them on my own.  This task, however, proved difficult. Firstly, it is difficult to apply what you have learnt without another person to speak to, making it hard to remember what you have just read on the book. Secondly, there is no one to point out that you have made a mistake.

Finding my Japanese learning very hard to kickstart, I tried looking for affordable and effective teachers. I chanced upon Can in a HardwareZone forum thread on learning Japanese, and have been taking lessons from him since.

Can’s lessons starts with conversing in Japanese, which ensures that you have applied what you have learned and that any mistakes will be corrected. Besides correcting your grammar and particle usage, pronunciation and intonation is also corrected, allowing you to speak like native Japanese, which can definitely impress both Japanese language learners and native Japanese themselves.

Can’s lessons are well paced and very easy to understand. Each grammar points are explained in detail. He actively engages with every student in the class to ensure that every one of us understands what is taught. This is something almost impossible to be achieved by the language schools, which usually accommodate larger class sizes.

Besides learning from the textbook, Can also makes his lessons interesting by engaging us in song translation and Japanese drama watching activities, enriching our vocabulary and understanding of Japanese culture.

Having gone through his N5 class and currently in his N4 class, I personally feel that Can places great emphasis on building a good foundation in the language, making further learning less taxing. He has also gone the extra mile to keep his students motivated and interested not just in the language, but also the Japanese culture.

By: Cheng Ri Sheng
Student in Intermediate class

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