New testimonial from student

I have tried taking Japanese at a school before, but I found their approach to be too dry.  In contrast, Can’s approach to teaching Japanese is what I feel is the right way to learn a language. He teaches not just the words and expressions in Japanese, but uses anecdotes that allow us to know more about the culture behind the language. He also teaches not just the words of the language, but also its nuances. Nuances is important not just in communicating with the Japanese, but also understanding their psyche. For example, if one use a phrase over another that has the same literal meaning, what (hidden) feelings are they trying to convey? Nuances are important in understanding that. He encourages students to speak up in his classes, which helps us to become proficient not merely in writing/reading, but in speaking as well.  He offers to his students not just his knowledge of Japanese, but also shares his passion for it through things like songs and his experiences in Japan. He is friendly and approachable, which makes it easier for shy students to voice their doubts, and the lessons more enjoyable.

By: Ang Zhi Ying
Student from Beginner class

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