New Conversation Class

Hi all,

I will be starting a new conversation class from 5th Jan 20 onwards.

Date: 5th Jan 20
Time: 1215-215pm
Fees: $300 for 12 lessons
Slots: 6 (4 slots left)
Minimum level required: N5

Contact me using the Contact us form to find out more.


Course content
-Learn the 4 various types of Tokyo accent.
-Learn how to pronounce words with correct accent

2. Generating the CI
-Understanding how does your brain work when generating ideas
-Learn how to generate the CI to help you to churn out what you want to say

3. Learning how did Japanese people study Japanese
-Understanding 国語
-Forming sentences using the concept of BXE

4. Feeling injection/Music Conversation
-Understanding how to inject feelings into your conversations
-Understanding how Japanese express their feelings through their conversation.
-Music Conversation: How to use music to help you to improve your conversation

5. Forming complex sentences
-Understanding 活用 and 連体形
-Practising complex sentences with complex sentence structures.

and much more. (^_^)

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