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New Beginner: Foundation Studies Class

Hi all,

Due to popular demand, we are starting a new Beginner: Foundation Studies class.

Starting Date: 31st July 2016 (Sunday)
Time: 3pm-5pm
Fees: $400 for 20 sessions
Textbook: $15
Slots: 6
We are also starting an Intensive class. Details are per below.

Starting Date: 6th June (Monday)
Time: 12.30pm-2.30pm
Fees: $400 for 20 sessions
Textbook: $15
Slots: 6

If you are interested to sign up or find out more about the class, kindly feel free to drop us a message via the form located here.



7月にJLPT N1級を受けるみなさまへ、


日時:6月27-30日 (月-金) 2時から5時まで
場所:Wilkie Edge

1) 速読
2) 文法の復習
3) よく出る言葉
4) 例年の試験問題集



Online teaching services starting soon

Hi all,

A lot of students have been asking about our online teaching services, we will be starting soon from 15th April 2015.

How does it work?

Step 1: Drop us an email via contact us form
Step 2: We will contact you for a Skype interview to discuss ur needs, etc
Step 3: Once you are confirmed to be our student, we will send you a video of the lesson for every lesson (it`s the same as attending the lesson in the class). This link will expire after a certain period of time. You can take up to 2 lessons per week.
Step 4: Teacher will be online to answer your questions during a designated period of time.

We are giving a promotion price of $100 for the 1st 10 lessons (that`s like $10 per lesson). Original price: $200 for 10 lessons.

For N2 lessons: We are giving a promotion price of $50 for the 1st 5 lessons.
Original price: $150 for 5 lessons.

Upon completion of the course, if you pass the online test with a score of 80%, we will refund you $20 of the course fee.

Payment is via Paypal or bank transfer (Singapore only). A receipt will also be issued.



Excel Program for Verb Conjugation

Hi all,

I am writing a Excel program that can do automatic conversion of the forms based on the verb entered into the program.

I am looking for testers who wish to participate in this and who have ideas to improve the program.

In the program below, words like みず, ごはん and the English equivalent are entered and system will auto-generate the various phrases based on the info input.



If you are interested, kindly drop me an email with ur name and contact number.
Prize: You will get the ultimate version of the program for free…